EAGLE PASS, TX – While Texas Governor Greg Abbott empowers the National Guard to close off the border and prevent illegal immigration, federal agents were recently seen on video opening a gate on private property at Eagle Pass to let a large group of illegal migrants through.

Bill Melugin of Fox News has been reporting at the border for months and has captured footage countless times of masses of immigrants swarming our border and being allowed entry. Now, he captured the Guard’s attempt to deny them entry, and Border Patrol arrived to let them in.

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“For the first time,” he tweeted along with a video of the incident, “we witnessed the TX National Guard close & lock a gate on private property at a major crossing area in Eagle Pass, denying entry to migrants who just crossed illegally & expected to be let in. Border Patrol then came w/ a key & let them in for processing.”

Among many responses of shock, Governor Abbott tweeted in regards to the video, “Unbelievable. While Texas secures the border, the federal government is enabling illegal immigration. Biden’s open border policies caused this crisis. The federal government must do its job & fix it.”

The governor has authorized and deployed approximately 10,000 troops to the border to assist with the illegal immigration crisis.

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Ironically, just a couple of hours prior to Melugin releasing the videos, Abbott tweeted, “66 people on the terrorist watchlist have been arrested at the border this fiscal year. Fentanyl seizures increased 202% in July. Texas continues to step up to combat the influx of crime & deadly drugs crossing our border. Biden must end this crisis.”

While the Biden Administration focuses on processing the illegal immigrants rather than preventing them from entering the country illegally in the first place, Abbott has sent so far about 10,000 of them via bus to cities such as New York, where the local government has deemed their entity a “sanctuary city” for illegals.

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In January of this year, after it became known that agents were frustrated at their change of duties at the border, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said, “I know the policies of this administration are not particularly popular with U.S. Customs and Border Protection, but that’s the reality, and let’s see what we can do within that framework.”

Since that time, it has been disclosed by sources that we have now passed the two million mark, as over two million illegal immigrants have been allowed to enter our country with ease so far this fiscal year. This actual reported number is the highest immigration rate in 22 years, and when the numbers update to include the thus far unreported immigrants, it will set a new national record, reaching 2,001,034 over the weekend.

“[The] Biden Administration has handed over operational control of our southern border to the cartels,” said former CBP Commissioner Mark Morgan. “They have done this by purposefully dismantling every meaningful and effective border security measure in place.”

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