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California Crisis Means No Food! – Starvation Event Imminent! – Animals Cannibalize Each Other! [VIDEO]

Josh Sigurdson [1] reports on the water crisis in California and how it affects the entire flow of food in the United States and other countries, including basically all organic farming, leaving people with only GMO Canola crops. While people laugh at California, they’re easily one of the most important states for farmers, and they’re low on water, causing crops to die off. This will culminate in a potential starvation event if not mitigated.

But of course, the goal of the establishment is to force the collapse of the supply chain to bring in the technocratic great reset and have people eating bugs and drinking sewage like farm animals. And most will go along with it like farm animals. Meanwhile, animals dying of starvation are cannibalizing each other, including pigs.

All the while, power outages, and shortages are facing half of the planet. Get prepared now!” – World Alternative Media [2]

Sources referenced by Josh [1] in the video above:

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