Josh Sigurdson reports on the calls by the ECB (European Central Bank) to put an end to cash transactions, claiming that people no longer want to use cash which is obviously false. In recent statements from the ECB, they claimed: “cash is not fit for the digital economy.” The reality is, that they want to track and trace everyone, own all the money via the banks and legal tender laws as well as control everyone by social credit and carbon credit with digital IDs, which the World Economic Forum has openly called for, integrated with artificial intelligence and be able to shut anyone out of the economy if they do not obey their tyranny.

The World Economic Forum even says on their website that they need collaboration between the public and private sectors on the unrolling of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), which 90% of the countries on Earth are currently building. We can equate this to what they did with the clot shots in 2021.

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Meanwhile, Canada, among countless other countries, are unrolling digital IDs, and Russia and China are creating a new reserve currency based on a basket of currencies (as we predicted) to replace the dollar and integrate the global economy into a carbon credit/social credit system. If we do not take charge now, with the collapse of the supply chain, hyperinflation worldwide, and recession, we are going to face the biggest struggle humanity has ever paid witness to.” – World Alternative Media

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