According to reports, CNN’s questionably effeminate host Brian Stelter, host of the show “Reliable Sources,” is on his way out from the network after CNN moved to cancel the not-so-popular program.

While Stelter’s show on CNN was dubbed “Reliable Sources,” it seems as though his career prospects at CNN aren’t very reliable after word got out that the news network is deciding to axe the failing program from their Sunday lineup.

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In a statement to NPR, Stelter dished out the boilerplate lingo of being honored to have had the “privilege” to work on the failed program, saying, “It was a rare privilege to lead a weekly show focused on the press at a time when it has never been more consequential.”

The final episode of “Reliable Sources” will air on August 21st, with Stelter saying that he’ll expand further on his outgoing sentiments when the show airs.

Apparently, CNN chief Chris Licht gave Stelter the news he was on his way out on August 17th. His time at the network since the Warner Bros. Discovery takeover has rendered some notable changes and cuts throughout the network – such as the failed streaming service CNN+.

Right on cue, the jokes are rolling in from some of Stelter’s critics in light of his canning from CNN. Behizy was among the commentators to take a jab at Stelter’s topical misfortune, sneaking in a pun about Jeffrey Toobin as well that read, “BREAKING: Brian Stelter’s show reliable sources has been canceled. This came quicker than Jeffrey Toobin.”

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Fox News’ late-night host Greg Gutfeld also decided to toss a little salt on the proverbial wound of Stelter, tweeting out, “Yo [Brian Stelter] – my show is hiring.”

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Conservative commentators/comedians the Hodgetwins also got in on the action, remarking on the hilarity of both Liz Cheney and Stelter being ousted from their respective roles in the same week.

“Both Liz Cheney AND Brian Stelter got fired in the same week.”

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Professional bodybuilder and entrepreneur Marc Lobliner also dished out some jokes about Stelter’s firing, writing, “Brian Stelter has me blocked, but can someone please let him know that I hear Coding is a wonderful career field to explore?”

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For those unaware of the “coding” reference, it pertains to a meme/expression (“learn to code”) that was used to mock journalists back in early 2019 after news broke about journalists being laid off at Buzzfeed and The Huffington Post. That pun came from a late 2015 article from Wired dubbed “Can You Teach a Coal Miner to Code?”

Considering the fact Stelter is officially on his way out of CNN, as well as his future endeavors being unclear (perhaps an ill-fated podcast is in the works), it seems like an appropriate time to share an Alex Jones classic rant directed at Stelter from years back.

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