Unfortunately, we cannot rely on the media anymore. Media outlets became the mouthpiece of the global elite, and many journalists engaged themselves in activism for the cancel culture movement.

The same applies to mainstream social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Co. Their algorithms define what you are supposed to see, which accounts should be (shadow-) banned, and which people are suggested to you to follow.

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Within the last couple of years, the internet has become a complex jungle of governmental misinformation, censorship, and intransparent and incomprehensible algorithms. That is why I would like to give you orientation in the confusing hotchpotch of information war by recommending several information sources that I consider valuable. My favourite TG channels for August 2022 are as follows:

  1. The Vigilant Fox – he/she/it has a unique appreciation of how to summarize information shown in video sequences. That anonymous carnivore is definitely worth a follow.
  2. Jerm Warfare – my buddy Jerm bears the nickname “South African Joe Rogan.” In my opinion, they play in the same ballpark. In his podcasts, Jerm talks to everyone and thus contribute to pluralism and social enlightenment.
  3. 1984 Prevention Team – I am one of the admins of this amazing channel in which we warn against what George Orwell already warned us against. Join and enjoy.
  4. Bob Moran – His cartoons are legendary. He is using his extraordinary talent to make us aware of the current global agenda. Help him to reach 10,000 followers.
  5. Robin Monotti – Robin was banned from Twitter several times but luckily got himself a Telegram channel. He opposes the Great Reset but also provides an alternative view on the Ukraine conflict.
  6. Paul Brandenburg – Paul is a friend and comrade-in-arms who doesn’t mince words. He denounces German politics with sharp words and calls a spade a spade: Fascism.
  7. Unga the Great – Just like his namesake Kanekoa (see below), Unga is committed to the freedom of the citizens of the United States and this entire planet.
  8. Red Voice Media – RVM is a rather right-winged media platform. Even though I consider myself a center-libertarian, RVM invited me to publish my podcast content there. Just like them, I also believe in plurality and diversity of opinions
  9. Kanekoa the Great – Kanekoa doesn’t support the current thing, and his informative posts are precisely about that. Kanekoa tells you what MSM doesn’t.
  10. Dr. Sam Bailey – Sam doesn’t believe in viruses, and she comes up with pretty valid arguments. What I want to emphasize here is that science is never settled. Before you can make a judgment about something, you should listen to all the arguments.
  11. Dr. Simon – that’s me. I love exposing pseudoscience and scientific fraud. I also believe it is important to inform people about becoming more self-sufficient/independent from governments. (Regarding the flags: Living in Brazil, working in Norway, and growing up in the Netherlands and Germany).

Enjoy the content, and don’t forget that building a good and independent network is essential these days.

Sunshine! ☀️

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