Last week, I reported on the “Voter Matrix” embedded in the New York state voter rolls. It was discovered by a group of citizen volunteers known as New York Citizen’s Audit (NYCA). Since then, I have been fielding questions about the Matrix from readers. At the same time, NYCA has been quietly uploading informational videos to, in a partnership with Cause of America.

The videos feature a barefoot cartoon mascot named “Dr. Zark” who narrates each video in rapid-fire New York minutes. Most videos are about a minute long but some are longer. The first few episodes explain how New York state keeps track of voters through their ID numbers. Starting with Episode 4, “Cloned Records,” they start getting into what appear to be violations of state and federal election law. They include references to those laws in the videos, for anyone intrepid enough to look them up.

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NYCA gives us (some of) the receipts in their videos. They show that New York’s election problems are more likely intentional fraud than negligence. They even have a video on that subject titled, “Official Access.” In it, Dr. Zark makes a convincing case that it would have been impossible for anyone without official access to create the many problems found in the rolls. For instance, how does a voter intent on committing voter fraud create extra identification numbers for himself? The answer is, he can’t. Not without access or the cooperation of someone who has access.

Official access is key to what NYCA has found and to how their story is presented. From their perspective, individual voters are likely unaware that their personal details have been used to vote more than once. One heavily redacted example in the videos suggests that at least two elected officials had their identities cloned. The voter history for the first individual shows that he has four ID numbers and voted twice in each of three elections. The second example is for a person named “Politician Doe” who has three votes recorded for the 2020 election, once for each of three voter ID numbers. Again, NYCA believes that the individuals involved have no idea that their identities were used in this way.

There are several reasons why NYCA considers individual voters as victims rather than perpetrators. The first is that they literally could not have made the extra State Board of Election ID (SBOEID) numbers themselves. Second, it is unlikely that they knew these extra SBOEID numbers existed. Even if the voters knew of the excess SBOEID numbers, they couldn’t possibly have used them to vote more than once. The reason is that the voter himself cannot add a vote to the record. That can only be done by someone with access to the rolls. If a voter tried to do it, he would fail because he would have to know about the other records, what the numbers were, and have the cooperation of someone with access who was willing to break the law. Everything leads back to persons with access.

These details destroy the narrative that voter fraud is small scale, rare, and not systemic. If nothing else, NYCA’s findings convincingly demonstrate that if fraud occurred anywhere, it was within the walls of the Board of Elections.

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Video 11 takes everything a step further. It is the first of a half dozen videos devoted to the Matrix. If you want a quick, simple, easy to understand description of the Matrix with examples straight out of the rolls (all personal details redacted), this is where you need to go.

As if that isn’t enough, they also produced a nearly two-hour long in-depth presentation on the Matrix alone. This video takes viewers step-by-step through the entire process of how the Matrix was found, what it looks like, how it was disguised, and what it might mean.

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To everyone who has asked me questions about the Matrix, the video below should answer them.

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