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In no particular order…

  1. Reality Rants With Jason Bermas: Content Creator / Talking Head / Documentary Filmmaker / Activist, Watch Invisible Empire, Fabled Enemies, Loose Change, & SHADE.
  2. Maria Zeee: Maria delivers hard-hitting investigative journalism from Australia.
  3. Vigilant Fox: The Vigilant Fox is a citizen journalist with 12 years of healthcare experience, focused on The Great Reset, world protests, and COVID-19. After being deeply disturbed by COVID measures, mandates, and medical discrimination, he has dedicated his free time and effort to making short, informative clips featuring top doctors, scientists, and thought leaders from around the world.
  4. Unga The Great: Data scientist with roots originating deep into the south pacific islands of Tonga & Hawaii. Red-pilled after the stolen 2020 election while studying post-data results. I seek to expose corruption in corporate media and BigTech via various media formats: storytelling with data, video clips, and data visuals.
  5. Lifezette: Originally founded as a news and lifestyle brand, LifeZette has emerged as one of the country’s top sources for conservative news. With offices in Washington, D.C., and Houston, TX, and writers all over the country, LifeZette and its partner sites aim to stay on top of trending stories and provide its audience with constitutionally-based news commentary.
  6. Jerm Warfare: My podcast is focused on conversations about ideas. My guests and I discuss Covid madness, geopolitics; culture wars; life lessons; climate change; and sometimes talking points related to my home country, South Africa. Jerm Warfare is a safe space for counternarratives.
  7. Dr. Simon Goddek: Dr. Simon Goddek has a Ph.D. in biotechnology. His research focuses on food production systems, human metabolism (vitamin D, gut health, etc.), and the domain of system thinking. Simon was one of the leading scientists who debunked Drosten’s fraudulent PCR test.
  8. Behizy: Behizy initially made videos about random topics, but after the 2020 election, he could no longer sit back and be silent. In January 2021, after weeks of waiting for the justice system to kick in and fix the fraudulent election, Behizy decided he needed to make videos about the fraud to keep people focused on the true fight. Long story short, thousands watched on YouTube, but the communist media apparatus didn’t like that. Censored & Defamed by Big Tech.
  9. Nick Moseder: Election integrity activism and deep-state exposing journalism.
  10. DeAnna Lorraine: DeAnna Lorraine is a conservative activist & former congressional candidate against Nancy Pelosi.
  11. Drew Berquist: Drew Berquist is a former counterterrorism officer, national security commentator, author, realist, and host of This Is My Show with Drew Berquist.
  12.  Ann Vandersteel: Ann Vandersteel, who runs The Zelenko Report & Co-Chairs Dr. Zelenko’s Freedom Foundation.
  13. Red Voice Media: Follow us to catch the latest breaking truth.
  14. More creators coming soon

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There are more, but they stay mostly behind the scenes.

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