Josh Sigurdson reports on an article on Natural News regarding the very real potential that elites and governments are actually using recent unusual recalls as a way to personally stock up on products as they control collapse the supply chain to bring in the Great Reset. As 70,000 trucks are booted off highways in California, rail strikes heat up worldwide in time for harvest season, factories burn down, climate policies destroy a third of farms in multiple countries, including the Netherlands, Ireland, and Canada, and strange food recalls seem to be taking places as well, despite no records of people actually getting sick from said foods.

As this continues, it is worth asking why so many elites own bunkers, where this recalled food is going, and whether or not they’re just stocking up like they did when they hoarded food in Puerto Rico during the storm some years ago or during Hurricane Katrina, or Hurricane Harvey, while telling the public there was no food.

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Don’t put such evil past the elites. If they’re stocking up, you should too.” – World Alternative Media

Sources referenced by Josh in the video above:

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