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Fauci, Walensky, and Co. Attempt to Rewrite History Before Things Turn for the Worse for Them [VIDEO]

Dr. Robert Malone was recently interviewed by Steve Bannon. The entire interview was fantastic, but there were two parts that really stood out to me.

First up is the title of this article:

“Rochelle Walensky [recently came out] acknowledging that there is this myocarditis and cardiac inflammation … and then saying ‘Well, we just recently became aware of it.’ It is such blatant revision of history. It’s clearly a lie.” – Dr. Robert Malone

The second part that stood out was when Bannon asked Malone about getting involved in elected politics…

Surgeon General Robert Malone? ‘I Want to Get Involved in Elected Politics’ Because ‘That’s Where the Problem Is’:

“I would be better positioned, I think, to help as a senior member of the new administration. If it’s Trump, I would be honored.” – Dr. Robert Malone

You can watch the segment in its entirety below:

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