Following the resignation of Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agent Timothy Thibault, other agents are reportedly saying that there is no way FBI Director Christopher Wray can keep going in his role due to allegations of political bias.

Kurt Siuzdak is one of the lawyers representing the 14 whistleblowers, and he said agents are coming to him with concerns over the matter. “I’m hearing from [FBI personnel],” he said, “that they feel like the director has lost control of the bureau. They’re saying, ‘How does this guy survive? He’s leaving. He’s got to leave.’”

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According to Siuzdak, Wray has known about many problems within the agency, including political bias, and hasn’t done anything to address the concerns or correct the agency’s course.

Whistleblowers have alleged that agents have been “forced or coerced into signing false affidavits and claims of sexual harassment and stalking.” The Washington Times said that the whistleblowers have told House Judiciary Committee Republicans that some terrorism threats have been fabricated and exaggerated in order to “elevate performance statistics.”

We can be sure that Wray has certainly been in the know regarding at least some of the allegations, as he’s said during a Senate hearing recently that they are “deeply troubling.”

Former Acting Director of National Intelligence, Ric Grenell, has also backed up what the whistleblowers have said. He told ACLJ, where he serves as Senior Advisor for National Security and Foreign Policy, “Look this has been going on for a very long time and let’s be very clear about this. Chris Wray has been the head of the FBI for a very long time. He’s known these individuals are a problem. He did nothing until the heat got too much.

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“Remember Chris Wray knew that FBI agents were politicizing investigations, and he didn’t care. What now is happening is the public, Republicans, are putting the pressure on him, and Chris Wray is responding to the public pressure. He’s not responding to cleaning up the FBI. If that was his goal there would be a whole bunch of people who would lose their jobs for politicizing investigations and weaponizing the FBI.”

Speaking on Fox News, legal analyst Gregg Jarrett said that the “rot begins at the top [of the FBI]” and that Wray has done nothing to fix it. “This is the same FBI that time, and again that has used their unlimited resources and immense power to target people for political reasons,” he said. “I mean, this is the FBI that launched the greatest mass delusion in American political history, the Russia hoax. They lied to the FISA court. They doctored evidence, admittedly. They confessed to it in order to gain search warrants.

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“And now we learned just a few days ago a top FBI official is escorted from the building because those whistleblowers came forward and said this is a guy who opened an investigation of Trump in 2020, concealing his political bias and motivations, while at the same time he was shutting down the Hunter Biden investigation and spreading the lie that the laptop was Russian disinformation.

“So, you know, Biden has it wrong. Americans are right to be both outraged and sickened by the conduct of top officials at the FBI. I agree with you. The rank and file these are good, honest, honorable people. But the rot begins at the top. And Merrick Garland and Director Wray have done nothing to clean up that cesspool that continues to infect the FBI.”

Senator Chuck Grassley had written a letter in July claiming the same regarding the FBI being used as a political weapon against Republicans, saying specifically that they were involved in “a scheme [to] undermine derogatory information connected to Hunter Biden by falsely suggesting it was disinformation.”

Thibault had been involved in the Hunter Biden laptop interference, which potentially had a huge impact on the 2020 election. Coincidentally (or maybe not so much), he was also involved in the investigation regarding former President Donald Trump.

According to a pro bono attorney for Thibault, the retirement was unrelated to any investigation into his actions. An unnamed attorney from Morrison & Foerster LLP said that Thibault “voluntarily” retired after his 25 years of service and that he “was not fired, not forced to retire, and not asked to retire.”

“In the last couple of months,” the attorney said, “and particularly the last 24 hours, there have been a number of inaccurate media stories and allegations on social media about our client.”

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