Josh Sigurdson rants about the recent court finding that Alex Jones of Infowars must pay the parents of Sandy Hook victims 45 million dollars in settlements over a defamation suit. Regardless of how you feel about Alex Jones personally, it should not matter at all, considering the notion of government stealing your money and re-allocating it and destroying a media enterprise because someone voiced their opinion and others decided to build on that opinion is absolutely an infringement of free speech. Alex Jones, who was banned from talking about free speech in court, was basically left without defense.

On top of that, his lawyer “accidentally” leaked information to the Sandy Hook victim’s parents’ lawyer! Was he wrong about no children dying? Yes. Does that mean he should be destroyed and bankrupted forever? NO! Was Sandy Hook a false flag? Absolutely and we will not let this case be a precedent for us to not talk about the truth. But kids died. The government loves killing kids and brainwashing the masses.

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Remember, Alex Jones did NOT kill anyone. The government, which found in favor of the parents of the children lost, have killed millions of people. The fact that people are mad at Alex and not the killer or the mass murderers in government is truly a perfect example of the utter stupidity of the masses today.
In this video, we break down the insane story and also report on the insane hoards of people mindlessly supporting the destruction of free speech because their feelings are hurt.” – World Alternative Media

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