LOS ANGELES COUNTY, CA – Police are currently seeking the public’s help in identifying possible suspects behind a looting and vandalism incident carried out at a 7-Eleven in the Harbor Gateway neighborhood earlier in August, with the crime being carried out in a sort of flash mob fashion.

The Los Angeles Police Department released surveillance video from the incident that occurred on August 15th at the 7-Eleven store located along the northwest corner of Figueroa Street and El Segundo Boulevard.

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In the released footage, scores of suspects entered the establishment, with some cavalierly looting items while others engaged in general acts of vandalism while terrorizing store employees. Some of the suspects ventured behind the store counter to pilfer the likes of cigarettes and lottery tickets.

LAPD Detective Ryan Moreno stated that the employee who was working at the store at the time of the incident feared for his life and simply cooperated with the miscreants. One suspect in particular, who was observed wearing a Colorado Rockies hat at the time of the incident, attacked the clerk – throwing food at the victim for no apparent reason other than to cause chaos.

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Authorities have identified some of the suspects involved, but many are still unknown due to the gravity of the incident and number of suspects involved. However, detectives note that with the release of the video alongside fingerprint evidence collected at the scene, more suspects will be identified and apprehended in the coming days.

Speaking to the press about the investigation, Detective Moreno assured the public that the offenders will “be held accountable.”

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“We really want to stop this from becoming a new trend where they think they can show up and take over a street, freeway or any part of the city where they think they come into a store and take whatever they want. We are here to stay that is not going to happen.”

The LAPD wanted to convey that anyone involved in any level of a “street takeover” – to include simply filming, driving, and observing – can have their vehicle impounded for up to three days for said furtherance of the offense.

Detective Moreno emphasized the aforementioned, telling the press, “Moving forward, really soon, that what you’re going to start seeing are these cars disappearing. So I’m telling you right now, we prefer everyone have good weekends and go to the park, go to the beach, have good times, be peaceful. But if they’re going to start doing this kind of stuff, start inconveniencing people and locking down freeways and taking over – cars are going to start disappearing real soon.”

Authorities noted that tipsters with information on the 7-Eleven incident can remain anonymous when contacting police, as well as a reward of up to $50,000 for information that can lead to an arrest or conviction of suspects involved.

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