Ed Henry from Real America’s Voice joined Steve Bannon for an interview where Henry decried his former colleagues at Fox News, claiming that the network pursued an anti-Trump agenda behind the scene in the lead-up to the 2020 election.

Prior to joining Real America’s Voice, Henry had his feet planted on both ends of the mainstream media. After doing radio in the early 2000s, Henry found himself working for CNN from 2006 up until June of 2011, with him having served as the new outlet’s senior White House correspondent.

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After leaving CNN in 2011, Henry joined Fox News, where he continued working as a White House correspondent and later served as one of the hosts of “Fox and Friends Weekend” and later as the co-host of “America’s Newsroom.”

However, Fox News wound up terminating Henry over allegations that he engaged in “sexual misconduct in the workplace” in June of 2020, a claim that Henry has called baseless. He is currently in the middle of a lawsuit against his former employer for defamation.

Given Henry’s history with Fox News and having been at the network months before the 2020 election came to a decision, he told Bannon that he was embarrassed at how the network tried to “off Trump on election night.”

“It was embarrassing to watch my colleagues at Fox and elsewhere, old colleagues, the way they were sycophantic towards the mainstream, Fox trying to cozy up to Biden, trying to off Trump on election night. That’s what they tried to do. Who was running the decisions desk? Bill Sammon, who was a never-Trumper, right…he ran the decision desk with Arnon, who was like a Hillary Clinton guy, right, everyone can look this up.”

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Henry asserted that the network, under the direction of Suzanne Scott, began to embrace a sort of anti-Trump culture from “behind the scenes” in 2020. According to Henry, this never-Trump culture that began to manifest inside Fox News exposed itself when they prematurely called Arizona on election night.

“And then beyond that, Chris Stirewalt who testified one of the first days at the January 6 hearings – I like him personally…but Chris Stirewalt, never-Trumper. I couldn’t stand Trump. When I was behind the scenes at Fox in the early part of 2020, they could not stand Donald Trump. And Suzanne Scott, at the top, CEO, said to people very close to her, ‘We have to find a way out of this. We’re not following the tweets anymore, we can’t stand this guy. We’re moving away from Trump.’ I was fired in July 2020…and then when I saw on election night that they hand Bret Baier this thing saying we’re calling Arizona – Kari Lake’s home state – nobody was calling Arizona. CNN didn’t call it for like two weeks. How is that possible, Steve?”

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