Although the CDC still swears that monkeypox is not a sexually transmitted disease, health officials are also stepping up their outreach to people who have gay sex, particularly men, regarding the disease, which they said is transmitted through “close, personal” or “skin-on-skin” contact. Those who’ve come down with the virus, also called “Schlong COVID,” per Tucker Carlson, have primarily been men who participate in gay sex.

While there is a shortage of smallpox vaccinations (which are said to fight monkeypox as well, as they’re in the same family), the White House has announced it will be setting aside 50,000 doses to be offered at gay pride events.

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The number of doses sent to each event will be based on the expected attendance and apparently, how many of those attendees will be considered at “highest risk”- or how many of them participate in gay sex- as well as whether health workers will be on-site to administer the shots.

Bob Fenton is the White House monkeypox response coordinator. On Thursday, he said that pushing shots to gay events is the White House’s attempt to “meet people where they are.” “More shots in arms is how we get the outbreak under control,” he said.

According to a local Fox News outlet, there are about a dozen large gay pride events set to take place around the nation over the next two months. In early September, there are events scheduled in Atlanta and New Orleans, and North Carolina will receive about 2,000 doses for the Charlotte Pride Festival & Parade this weekend.

Dr. Rochelle Walensky, the CDC director who recently admitted the organization’s failure in handling Covid, said, “While we are offering the vaccine at these events to those at high risk, this is a two-dose vaccine series, and receiving the vaccine at the event will not provide protection at the event itself.”

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The United States, at the time of this writing, has seen approximately 13,500 cases of Monkeypox, which is native to Africa and has begun to spread worldwide. Of those, 98% of people who caught the virus were men- 93% of who had “recent sexual contact with other men.”

There have been no virus-related deaths in the US, but there have been in other countries.

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Even so, the World Health Organization declared a state of emergency due to monkeypox, and some US state governors have followed suit, including California, New York, and Illinois.

Due to the vaccination shortage for the disease which was previously considered eradicated, health officials started giving 1/5th of the usual dose, which they’re injecting just under the skin (just the tip) rather than injecting the full vial deeper into the tissue (much to the dismay of many of those getting injected).

Apparently, 442,000 smaller doses were released this week, and 1.8 million doses (so 360,000 vials) will be coming next week.

The CDC has offered guidance on how gay men can still get sexual pleasure without having anal sex until vaccines are in full supply.

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