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Hearings On Fauci’s Gain Of Function Show Massive Crimes Against Humanity [VIDEOS]

“Owen breaks down the revelations that have come out thanks to the recent hearings on gain of function.” – War Room With Owen Shroyer [1]

“Anthony Fauci is a mad scientist. He is a madman. He is a liar. He is a crook. And these hearings expose that he knew what he was doing with gain of function. He lied about it. He continued to do the illegal research even after he was told to be shut down and lied about it. And if anybody should be held responsible for COVID-19 in our government health sector, it is Anthony Fauci. He belongs behind bars.” – Owen Shroyer [2]

Sources referenced by Owen in the video above:

Breitbart: Rand Paul: Gain-of-Function Research Must Be Determined Before Getting to COVID Wuhan Lab Theory [3]

Fox News: Rand Paul vows to get answers on COVID-19 origins in gain-of-function hearing [4]

Science: Biological Weapons and International Law [5]

Some other clips from the hearing:

Senator Rand Paul: We Need Stronger Government Oversight Over Risky Lab Experiments

Dr. Esvelt ADMITS the Flu Vaccine Is ‘Terrible’ — Says There’s ‘No Justification’ for Unnatural Experiments