Josh Sigurdson reports on the catastrophic droughts worldwide mixed with a gas crisis, supply chain breakdown, and crazy climate policies that are adding fuel to the fire at the same time, all for the sake of a controlled collapse. Leaked documents out of England warn of a 50% crop failure as the long-term impacts of droughts in England (and almost everywhere else on earth) lead to a complete collapse of agriculture. Governments around the world are going after fertilizer at the same time inflation, and supply chain collapse brings the price up astronomically.

Meanwhile, inflation is hitting highs absolutely everywhere. The end result of this will not just lead to famine and poverty, but it will lead the majority of the global population into dependence on a new system of governance based on technocracy and collective “conveniences,” including social credit scores and carbon credit scores. This is all being developed before our eyes. It is no longer a “conspiracy theory.” The Great Reset is here. It is beginning. The cashless replacement system is here. What you do about it next will decide your fate.” – World Alternative Media

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