DALLAS, TX – Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake delivered a fiery address from the CPAC stage in Dallas on August 6th, getting a rise out of the crowd when calling out the mainstream media as “evil bastards” and gleefully telling the crowd how they’ve defeated the “McCain Machine.”

On August 4th, Lake’s victory in the Arizona Republican gubernatorial primary was announced by the Associated Press, with the outlet at the time noting her victory served as “a blow to the GOP establishment that lined up behind lawyer and businesswoman Karrin Taylor Robson.”

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During a post-win interview with Steve Bannon, the “War Room” host acknowledged just how stacked the deck was against Lake in said primary, with Lake only operating on a fraction of the money in her campaign as opposed to her establishment-backed opponent alongside a litany of media smears.

While delivering a speech before the CPAC on August 6th, Lake brought up the cruel and deceitful tactics of the mainstream media, which eventually led to her leaving the field that she’d spent over two decades working in.

“I walked away, and I put out a video to the people of Arizona explaining to them why I was no longer interested in working in a field that had become propaganda – the fake news back there. I didn’t care what they paid me, I didn’t care how much they were willing to throw at me – I was no longer willing to work for them, and I was not willing to lie to the people of this country. And we need more of them to walk away.”

When it came to media coverage of Lake and her campaign, outside of alternative media, she was largely targeted with only negative coverage. Even Fox News published a negative report on Lake back in July, taking an early 2017 post to Facebook out of context to make it appear as though Lake was anti-Trump days prior to his inauguration.

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Lake addressed these abhorrent tactics employed by the media, mentioning that seemingly nothing was off limits with these “evil bastards,” as they’d even go so far as to target her children.

“The lies, the nastiness, the endless attacks on myself and my family – my children. They’d follow us, they’d follow my children, take pictures of them, they’d park outside of our house. These people are evil bastards.”

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It’s no mystery that the legacy of the McCain name in Arizona has left a sour taste with some Republican voters and figures, and Lake is among those who don’t hold very favorable sentiments toward the late senator.

Considering the aforementioned, Lake touted her victory in the primary as being evidence that the McCain-era of Arizona politics has officially come to an end, telling the crowd, “We drove a stake through the heart of the McCain machine.”

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