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MAGA Republicans Crush The AZ Primaries! Kari Lake For Governor! – Nick Moseder

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Ladies and gentlemen, last night in Arizona, the Republicans endorsed by Trump, who support the fact that the election was stolen in 2020, absolutely wiped the floor with their competition. And this is extremely encouraging, even to people like me, who sometimes wonder, can we overcome the cheating? It appears that yes, in fact, we can. And I was very concerned yesterday when we saw, you know, penal and Pima County running out of ballots. We saw the felt tip pens actually causing issues with smearing and smudging and causing people’s votes to change. You know, we also had mass-scale mail-in voting and drop boxes, but it appears that we still can win this if we just turn out and show up at the polls.

Wendy Rogers and David Farnsworth:

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Mark Finchem:

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Blake Masters:

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Kari Lake:

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