HOLLYWOOD, CA – Yet another story of child abuse has been outlined by a former child actress, Jennette McCurdy, who was featured on the Nickelodeon shows iCarly and Sam & Cat.

In her new book, I’m Glad My Mom Died, which was released on Tuesday of this week, McCurdy discussed the years of verbal and physical abuse she suffered by her mother, who pushed her relentlessly into the world of acting, where she suffered even more abuse and was “exploited.”

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Unsurprisingly, the child actress was also subjected to poor conditions (up to and including child abuse) at the hands of Hollywood elites. She never names the higher-up who put her through this, calling him only “The Creator,” as in the creator of the shows in which she co-starred.

“My whole childhood and adolescence were very exploited,” McCurdy said in her book. “…There were cases where people had the best intentions and maybe didn’t know what they were doing. And also cases where they did — they knew exactly what they were doing.”

According to several news outlets, McCurdy alleges in her book that she was sexually abused on numerous occasions while in the entertainment industry. She also describes, according to En-Volve, how “Hollywood executives frequently drug and rape children and coerce them into performing horrifying sex acts with pedophiles in order to advance their careers.”

Young McCurdy suffered during her younger years from anxiety and eating disorders, which her mother seems to have encouraged.

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Now 30 years old, McCurdy outlines her first kiss experience– not first on-camera experience, but first EVER experience, which happened to be with co-star Nathan Kress on iCarly. She said that The Creator was yelling at her for  “more head movement” despite knowing she had never kissed anyone before.

As sad as that is for a first kiss experience, McCurdy discussed in the book that even though she said she was more comfortable in a one-piece bathing suit, she was pressured to be “photographed in a bikini during a wardrobe fitting.” She said she was “terrified of being looked at as a sexual being.” She was also “encouraged to drink alcohol” by The Creator,” with him saying “the kids on Victorious got drunk together all the time, and ‘the iCarly kids need a little edge.'”

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Her mother, who sexually abused her daughter, McCurdy realized years later, was present for many of these interactions and simply said it “was the price of showbiz success,” and told her daughter, “Everyone wants what you have.”

McCurdy said that she was promised her own spinoff in exchange for all she was doing on iCarly, but Nickelodeon went back on their word and instead hired Ariana Grande to co-star with her in the show “Sam & Cat,” which was only on for one season in 2013-2014.

According to E! News, McCurdy said The Creator was no longer allowed on set by the time Sam & Cat was ending. He apparently “was relegated to a little room off-stage to watch what they were shooting remotely, network punishment for ‘accusations of his emotional abuse.'” Of this, McCurdy said, “I feel like it’s been a long time coming, and should have happened a lot sooner.”

McCurdy alleged that Nickelodeon offered her a one-time payment of  $300,000 to “keep her experiences at the network private,” which she said she refused.

Dan Schneider is listed as the creator of both iCarly and Sam & Cat. He left Nickelodeon in 2018, years after an investigation showed that he was indeed verbally abusive to actors. There was no evidence of sexual abuse or misconduct reported.

Schneider told the Times in 2021 that he did not leave the network on bad terms. “I couldn’t, and I wouldn’t have the long-term friendships and continued loyalty from so many reputable people if I’d mistreated my actors of any age, especially minors,” he said.

Nickelodeon has not responded to many outlets’ request for comment.

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