Just a few months ago, the Democrats and liberal activists protested across America as the Supreme Court announced its ruling on Roe v. Wade. While abortion is not illegal in the United States, the ruling allows each individual state to make its own decision on the matter. Again, the Democrats viciously criticized the Supreme Court. Surprisingly, that wasn’t the only controversial ruling made by the Supreme Court in recent months. The Supreme Court also ruled 6-3 that New York’s concealed carry law was unconstitutional when it came to the restriction it puts on law-abiding citizens. 

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According to NPR, “This decision is a big deal. Previously, the court had only said that the Constitution protected the ability to have a gun inside the home for self-defense. In that decision, which came down in 2008, the justices didn’t rule on how guns carried outside the home could be regulated. It took almost 15 years for the justices to come back to that question, but now they have.”

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Giving his own opinion on the ruling, Supreme Court Judge Clarence Thomas noted, “The Second Amendment “protect[s] an individual’s right to carry a handgun for self-defense outside the home.” 

The main worry about the Second Amendment ruling surrounds Democratic strongholds that may be forced to change their own concealed carry laws. The Western Journal reported, “The Supreme Court said Thursday that gun cases involving restrictions in Hawaii, California, New Jersey, and Maryland deserve a new look following its major decision in a gun case last week. In light of last week’s ruling — which said that Americans have a right to carry a gun outside the home — lower courts should take another look at several cases that had been awaiting action by the high court, the court said. Those cases include ones about high-capacity magazines, an assault weapons ban, and a state law that limits who can carry a gun outside the home.”

Among those who criticized the ruling was Kelly Sampson, who is the director of racial justice at Brady, a gun safety organization. She claimed, “We live in a society that codes Black people in general as criminal but especially when we carry arms. So when you strip away all of the rhetoric around the Second Amendment, you still can’t get away from the fundamental issue that we live in a country where Black people are disproportionately dying from gun homicides, and Black people also are disproportionately impacted by police violence. And one of the rationales that police will use when they perpetuate this violence is that a person had a gun.”

On the other side, Carl Williams, A YouTuber with the channel “A Regular Gun Guy,” wasn’t entirely on board with the ruling but admitted, “If anything, it encouraged me more to want to own a firearm legally and be able to protect myself just in case something happened.”

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This piece was written by Jeremy Porter on August 16, 2022. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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