PORTLAND, OR – Body cam footage has been released from a Memorial Day, 2021 incident where a security guard shot a trespassed subject who attempted to run the guard over with his vehicle.

On May 29, 2021, 28-year-old Logan C. Gimbel was working for Cornerstone Security Group and responded to the Delta Park Lowes in North Portland. Freddy T. Nelson Jr. and his wife, Kari, illegally entered the store, as they had previously been trespassed from the location by the land owners, TMT Development Company and D. Park Corporation.

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While Cornerstone’s website says it only provides armed security guards, Gimbel was not licensed to hold a firearm (and presumably untrained to do so) at the time of the incident. A July, 2021 OPB article suggested that Nelson had been trespassed from the property for selling drugs, but that is unconfirmed.

The body cam footage starts as the subjects are getting into their vehicle after exiting the store. In the video, the person wearing the body cam (said to be Gimbel) says as Nelson and Kari are getting into the vehicle, “Get the fuck off my property! You know you’ve been trespassed. You know you’re not supposed to be here.”

Nelson appears to be starting his vehicle when Gimbel starts walking towards the driver’s side of Nelson’s car. A small flap is seen lifted near the camera from Gimbel’s vest, and the rip of velcro can be heard- this turned out to be Gimbel removing his OC spray from his vest.

Gimbel walks to the driver’s side door and comes face to face with Nelson, who appears to be donning brass knuckles as Gimbel looks into the vehicle. “Are you refusing to leave my property?” Gimbel asks.

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Nelson is wearing a face mask, but it appears that he says, “Yes.”

At this point, a reasonable person (and certainly a trained security guard) may step back and call the police to the scene.

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Instead, Gimbel puts his OC spray through a cracked rear window of Nelson’s vehicle and sprays both Nelson and Kari. At this point, Nelson rolls down his window, and Kari gets out of the car screaming obscenities.

“I told you to leave the property!” Gimbel screams. One could argue that Gimbel has made it very difficult for Nelson to leave the property by spraying pepper spray in his eyes.

Gimbel continues to yell at both subjects, and Kari takes out her phone and says she is calling the police. Nelson starts his car at this point and moves forward. Kari yells, “Oh, goddammit!” which suggests that Nelson didn’t know she was out of the car (because he can’t see). The vehicle moving forward can be seen from a different camera’s vantage point in the parking lot.

The vehicle stops, and the body cam footage captures Gimbel pulling out a firearm, pointing it at Nelson, and yelling, “Get the fuck out of the vehicle now! You already tried to hit me once- you move this vehicle again, I will fire!”

Nelson backs the vehicle back into the parking spot and appears to be turning the wheel to leave the parking spot. Gimbel is standing in front of the vehicle, blocking his path. There appears to be ample space and time for Gimbel to move three feet to his left to get out of the pathway of Nelson’s vehicle and then call police to report the incident.

Instead, Gimbel fires four shots at Nelson, striking him. Nelson appears to either put the car in park or at least put his foot on the break as Gimbel yells at someone off camera, or presumably, Kari, to (finally) “call the authorities.”

Gimbel continues to yell at Nelson, although he has clearly either died or fallen unconscious at this point, saying, “You already tried to hit me with your vehicle once, and that is assault! You also used pepper spray [here, it’s assumed that he meant Gimbel tried pepper spray, but it’s unclear], and you’ve been trespassed from the property multiple times!”

Kari is understandably upset that her loved one has apparently died as she says, “You killed him, you asshole,” to which Gimbel yells back, “I told him! He tried to hit me! He tried to hit me with a vehicle, and that is assault with a deadly weapon!”

Gimbel walks up to a Lowe’s employee who is on the phone with 911. The employee can be heard saying, “Yes, I see blood. He’s shot.”

In the most casual of manners, Gimbel says, “He’s bleeding out.” Gimbel says, “Do they want me to render aid? I don’t know what to do at this point.” The video cuts out at that point, so it’s unclear if Gimbel did try to save Nelson before he died.

Gimbel was arrested and charged with unlawful use of a weapon, two counts of second-degree unlawful use of mace, and recklessly endangering another person.

Gimbel maintains that he fired in self-defense.

According to a lawsuit filed by Kari, “Cornerstone, TMT, and D. Park were negligent in hiring Gimbel since he was not fully certified to be an armed security guard, and Cornerstone created an environment that encouraged the use of violence and failed to include meaningful de-escalation training to employees.” The suit is filed for $25 million in damages.

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