WASHINGTON STATE –  Wednesday of this week marked the 900th day that Governor Jay Inslee has held Washington State under a state of emergency, purportedly due to the Covid pandemic.

Even as the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has recently released new guidance for dealing with Covid, which essentially ends the quarantine requirement and testing simply for the sake of testing and states that guidelines for the jabbed are the same as the unjabbed, Inslee carries on his order.

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While many people have already been implementing these ideas into their daily lives, NPR pointed out that the revision of the CDC’s guidance “focuses on individual decisions,” something that likely has many on the radical left freaking out as they’re not big on individual choice (unless it comes to murdering babies, of course).

“That is consistent with where we are in the pandemic right now,” said Dr. Marcus Plescia, chief medical officer for the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials. “I don’t really think there are many state or local jurisdictions that are feeling they’re going to need to start making mandates.”

Except for Jay Inslee, of course, whose most recent proclamation of a “state of emergency” is not set to expire until October 27.

The Washington State Senate Republican Caucus published a blog post written by 17th District Senator Lynda Wilson discussing the long-drawn-out emergency orders. “Does Inslee see something the rest of us can’t see,” she wrote, “that justifies his foot-dragging? I doubt it, but the 900-day mark is a good time for him to shoot straight with the people of our state.”

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In a July article, Inslee told Axios that would set Washington free from the emergency state “when it’s no longer useful for the health of Washingtonians.” But who gets to decide how long is “useful?” The top health agency in the entire country has said that Americans no longer need to follow the draconian measures laid out before them during the almost two full years of a strong and fast-mutating virus becoming embedded into our lives.

So to what information is Inslee looking at to justify his decision?

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Well, according to a Seattle Times editorial mentioned by Senator Wilson, a spokesman for Inslee said that his decision isn’t based on actual information, but, rather, on opinions. “[The decision is] not so much a standard metric as it is a judgment based on the opinions of the governor’s advisers, agencies, and other partners,” the spokesman said.

“Hold on,” Senator Wilson asked. “When did the governor decide opinions trump science? So much for data and metrics and transparency.” To be fair, one could argue that “data and metrics and transparency” flew out the window long ago, so that’s nothing new.

Inslee also told Axios that he doesn’t believe mask mandates will be reimposed (although every once in a while, the health department will “recommend” specific county residents don their masks indoors once again) or that schools and businesses will be closed again.

However, he also said, “anything is possible.”

Well, Governor, we know at least almost anything is possible, as it wasn’t so for the legislative branch of Washington’s state government, who, as Senator Wilson put it, “abdicated its role as serve as a check on the executive branch by failing to approve sensible proposals like our SB 5943.”

SB 5943 would have required a governor to have the approval of the legislature to declare an extended state of emergency. As it stands, current Washington law says a governor can declare an emergency in the event of “public disorder, disaster, energy emergency, or riot…which affects life, health, property, or the public peace.”

Oh yeah, and the law also says this shall not “continue for longer than thirty days unless extended by the legislature through concurrent resolution.”

While we are just slightly past the 30-day mark now at 900, many of Inslee’s proclamations still remain in effect despite the CDC’s guidelines, including mandatory shots for state workers, restrictions on non-urgent medical procedures, and the continuance of the Washington State Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan in long-term care facilities, etc.

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