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Stew Peters: Pfizer Launches New BIOWEAPONS, The TRUTH About Afghanistan Withdrawal,Taliban Kills THOUSANDS (FULL SHOW)

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The weekend has come again but The Stew Peters Show has a brand new episode that leaves you anticipating next week !!

Clayton Llewelyn joins us again to talk about the UN & World Economic Forum trying to plan a global food shortage, & how this will impact the entire world forever!

Duke joins to remind the Stew Peters Network, Of the war crimes that Joe Biden committed on Afghanistan citizens, American soldiers, and the future security of our country last August in Afghanistan.

Djuan Collins joins to tell his testimony about rescuing his biological son out of the foster system, and gaining full custody over him as well!

Dr. Jane Ruby joins to talk about the new booster, that is certain to kill you when you take it!

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Stew Peters: Direct Energy Weapons Used by Government: Whistleblowers and Dissidents COOKED by Radio Waves [2]