A Newsmax segment from earlier in August turned ugly when host Eric Bolling and his guest, former National Security Advisor John Bolton, got into a literal shouting match over their respective takes on Trump’s foreign policy approach.

In the segment, Bolling brings up the state of affairs in regards to how safe the United States is under a Biden presidency – highlighting the ongoing threats from adversarial countries like Russia and China and even how Bolton had a bounty put out on him.

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With the abovementioned in mind, Bolling asked Bolton how he could possibly come to the conclusion that the country is more safe under Biden than it was under Trump.

“We have China threatening us, we have Russia threatening us, you have a $300,000 bounty on your head – how in the world can you think that we’re safer now than when we were under President Trump when he was willing to put missiles into Syrian airbases with Russians on the base? What’s going on here, sir?”

In Bolton’s response, he portrayed Trump to be completely inept when it came to foreign policy, claiming that the former president didn’t “understand” anything when it pertained to “international affairs” and painted Trump’s policies as being incoherent.

“He didn’t understand fundamentally much of anything about international affairs. His decisions were not based on a coherent philosophy or coherent policy, they were erratic. He…”

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After Bolton listed off the reasoning behind his position on Trump, the interview took a wild turn with Bolling and Bolton yelling over each other with talking points about the current and former administration – with the heated exchange eventually drifting over to the botched Afghanistan withdrawal from August of 2021.

Between the frequent interruptions perpetuated by the two, Bolling attributed blame to Biden for the sloppy exit from Afghanistan that resulted in the deaths of American servicemembers.

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“You know what made us less safe? Is when Biden pulled us out of Afghanistan, 13 Americans died…and now the Taliban tells us back off, don’t kill al-Qaida. Are you out of your mind, sir?”

Periodically interjecting in Bolling’s point on Afghanistan, Bolton claimed that Biden was only executing the plan that had already been set in motion by Trump before he left office, saying, “That was Trump’s deal…that was Trump’s deal…That’s right, same thing they would’ve done under Donald Trump. No, who cut the deal Eric? Who cut the deal?”

Bolton, at one point, accused the Newsmax host of being “embarrassed” for not knowing what he was talking about, to which Bolling shot back prior to wrapping up the segment by stating that Bolton is the one whose really embarrassed.

“Oh, I’m embarrassed? I think you’re embarrassed for not knowing what Trump was going to do and hiding – hiding behind some false narrative that Trump wasn’t prepared for foreign policy when we were safer for four years sir…Now we have countries threatening us and Americans are dead in Afghanistan.”

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