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The Alex Jones Trial And The Truth About False Flag Operations!!! – Press For Truth [VIDEOS]

Alex Jones [1] is on trial being sued for defamation by some of the family members of the victims of Sandy Hook after he claimed that “crises actors” were used and that the entire false flag incident was a hoax.

When attorney Mark Bankston asked, “Would you agree with me that there is not a mass tragedy, mass bombing, mass shooting, that has occurred in America in the past 15 years, that you have not attached the words’ false flag’ to?”‚ĶJones replied, “No.”

In this video, Dan Dicks [2] of Press For Truth [3] explains how this on-display public trial is being used to discredit anyone who talks about legitimate false flag operations that will be carried out by our own governments as history shows!” – Press For Truth [4]

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