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You’ve almost certainly seen the news by now. Yesterday afternoon, the FBI stormed into Mar-a-Lago in force to conduct a raid on the papers of President Trump and his associates. What this will lead to, we don’t know yet. We don’t know what exactly they were looking for, or if they were looking for anything at all. Maybe it was just a fishing raid, an excuse to seize everything they could and then look for bogus crimes to charge people with. We know the FBI is perfectly capable of that.

Look, let’s be clear: We knew this was going to happen. There’s no need to call this a declaration of war on President Trump. They’ve been at war with him for more than half a decade now, and it’s been clear the entire time that they are willing to transgress every single norm and institution and tradition to take him down. That’s why they spied on his campaign in 2016. It’s why they pushed Covid lockdowns so hard, but gave an exception for “mostly peaceful” rioters to terrorize the public. It’s why the January 6 defendants have been treated like members of Al Qaeda who need to be locked up for the rest of their lives. It’s why they’ve launched a massive campaign of censorship extending all the way up to the president of the United States himself.

Even before President Trump was forced out of office last year, this show made it clear – the satanic cabal’s ultimate plan was to put Trump in prison. They just needed to find an excuse. And now, it looks like they’re close to picking that excuse. None of this had to happen. It was a choice. To be clear, there were many times where President Trump was strong. He secured our border despite having the entire federal government howling against him. He pushed through the withdrawal from Afghanistan when the Republican party abandoned him over it. He refused to get sucked into a new regime change war in Syria.

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But at the same time, he wasn’t strong enough. Back in 2016, we had stone-cold proof that Hillary Clinton committed real crimes. She ran a private email server, in her home, explicitly to keep the American people from seeing what emails she sent, and explicitly to let her mix her private business and government business. We know that this server may have been penetrated by a foreign power thanks to Clinton’s decision. This was illegal. We know it was. And the FBI refused to prosecute it.

Of course, that’s on top of all the other things we know about the Clintons. We know that the entire Clinton Foundation was a flagrantly corrupt grift, allowing foreign governments like Saudi Arabia to funnel millions of dollars to them while presenting it as “charity”, and we know about the Clinton connection to CPS – the largest child trafficking ring in the United States of America.

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President Trump ran on a pledge to “lock her up.” But when he was president, he didn’t. He didn’t investigate Hunter Biden’s criminal conduct either, even when his own supporters were being tossed in jail as “foreign agents.” He pushed a bioweapon clot shot onto the American people at the urging of Tony Fauci.

When it really mattered, when he could choose to take the last step and really tear down the deep state, president Trump flinched. And now, he’s getting his reward: Maybe he chose not to lock her up, but they won’t extend him the same courtesy. Lavrentiy [Lav-ren-tee] Beria, Joseph Stalin’s chief underling, once said “show me the man, and I’ll show you the crime.” That is how the cabal operates. They don’t see crimes, and then punish those who commit them. They see enemies, and then find or invent crimes to imprison them for. And now, they’re doing it to Trump himself, and everybody in his orbit.

President Trump released a statement from New York, responding to the criminal cabal’s gestapo-style raid on his residence. At one point in his statement, Trump said: “Such an assault could only take place in broken, Third-World Countries. Sadly, America has now become one of those countries, corrupt at a level not seen before”

He’s right. This is the type of authoritarian oppression you see in third world countries, but let’s call it what it really is. This is what you see in an occupied country. We live in an occupied country, and we don’t use that term lightly. These billionaire elites, globalist corporations and Luciferian pedophiles are a criminal mafia, hellbent on the destruction of America, Christianity and freedom. Our fake “government” is an organized crime syndicate, not a two-party system. The idea of Republicans and Democrats is fake, and the criminal enterprise made up of the United States Senate, Congress, Supreme Court and Executive Branch are made up of carefully selected (NOT elected) gang members, posing as party-aligned representatives of the people. It’s all a fictional movie. A high school play. A pro wrestling match, where the outcome has already been determined, and everything you see from the opening bell to the final pin is just theatre. It’s all rigged. It’s all fake. The deep state has hijacked our elections, the media, our healthcare, our money, our liberty and our freedom. We live in an occupied country under authoritarian control, and our “government” is in league with the satanic plan – whether they know it, or choose to admit it – or not.

Consider how our hijacked cities operate their “sanctuary cities.” They openly and proudly do everything they can to sabotage immigration enforcement. They refuse to cooperate with legal orders from ICE or the Border Patrol, and actively hinder their work. In 2018, Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf publicly warned about an imminent ICE raid meant to round up wanted criminals, to make sure the criminals could get away. And by the way, absolutely nothing happened to her for this.

So, at a minimum, it’s time for state executives, like Ron DeSantis, to treat the enforcers of the Biden regime the same way. Why didn’t DeSantis order his state police to stop the raid? We aren’t sure. When FBI agents go on fishing raids against Trump supporters, or create fake kidnapping plots to entrap them, they aren’t acting as “police.” They’re part of a criminal gang. So stop enabling them. Don’t cooperate with the Biden regime’s investigations. Don’t treat its agents as legitimate. When the ATF goes looking for guns to grab, escort them back out of the state.

But the deep state isn’t after Donald Trump – they’re after you. The illusion of some sort of “democracy” or “Constitutional Republic” or “freedom” or “liberty” or “fair elections” is just exactly that – an illusion. An authoritarian body, an illegitimate regime of globalist billionaires, partnered with the criminal banking cabal and World Economic Forum genocidal transhumanist, baby-eating pedophiles are controlling our fake elections, censoring information and carrying out multiple psy-ops and pumping brainwashing propaganda into American homes, using a bought-and-paid-for criminal media, funded by big pharma, Black Rock, Vangaard, George Soros, the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers and the like.

For four years, the left called themselves “the Resistance.” It was a lie. It was fake. It’s all hype to keep the lie of a free country – the illusion of a Constitutional Republic alive. There is no left or right. What we have is an authoritarian uni-party criminal enterprise, and they’re the ones who control our institutions and use them to terrorize the public.

Each state’s Constitution says we, as Americans, would be derelict in our duties if we did not abolish or remove any oppressive form of government. If we didn’t tear down any system that becomes oppressive to our inherent, inalienable, GOD-GIVEN rights, and replace it with a form of government that is representative of the people. WE are the ones who have to be the resistance. So start acting like it.

For most Americans, the terrifying political reality we live in right now is something unprecedented. But for Mike Zhao, it’s horribly familiar. Mike was born in China at the height of Mao Zedong’s cult of personality. When he was a boy, Mao launched the Cultural Revolution, which sought to destroy every source of power outside of the Communist Party. Children were encouraged to turn against their parents. Every religion was targeted for destruction, except the religion of Mao-worship. Every historical building and monument was targeted (sound familiar?). Mike’s father was persecuted during this period, along with millions of others. Mike survived, though, and in the early nineties he came to America pursuing the American dream.

Mike rose to the top of the business world, but sadly he soon saw the same toxic ideas present in China taking root in America. He saw meritocracy replaced by racial discrimination and tests of political ideology. He saw Asians targeted, specifically because they were too successful and had to be punished for this, in favor of those who were less capable.

Day by day, Mike saw the things that made America great being steadily ripped away by an elite who see the Chinese Communist Party as role models, and who want America dead. Mike is running for House District 45 in Florida in an effort to stop this. He joins us now.

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