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Air Force’s Diversity Training Tells Cadets To Use Language Inclusive To ‘All Genders,’ Says Stop Saying ‘Mom And Dad’

EL PASO COUNTY, CO – According to a report from Fox News, the Air Force Academy out of Colorado hosts a diversity training that is teaching cadets to adopt language that is inclusive to “all genders,” such as abstaining from the usage of terms [1] like “mom” and “dad” to foster this purported inclusivity mindset.

It’s hardly breaking news that the United States Armed Forces has veered heavily toward woke policies and practices, and the latest example coming out of the Air Force Academy only reinforces that the military is delving deeper into pushing the modern leftist ideology surrounding gender and race.

A slide presentation from the Air Force Academy dubbed “Diversity & Inclusion: What it is, why we care, & what we can do” is telling cadets to ditch traditional language identifying/addressing biological sex in exchange for the adoption gender-neutral verbiage – which is clearly meant to appease the perennially offended.

One slide in the presentation titled “What Can I Do Now? Inclusive Language” instructs cadets to ask people what they “call themselves,” followed up by some examples on how to “include all genders” when addressing individuals or groups.

Examples included are as follows:

But there’s more to this than mere gender ideology, there are also components around purported “person-centered language,” which also carries its own list of compelled speech codes:

Also, any cadet thinking about uttering such phrases as “we’re all just people,” “I don’t see color,” or expressing general sentiments of being “colorblind” need to think again – as the diversity training explicitly says “not” to do those things.

As if the language policing weren’t already over-the-top with this training, the slide deck from the Air Force Academy is telling cadets to not refer to a nationality when discussing a terrorist or terrorists (i.e., barring usage of terms like “Afghani terrorist”).

Republican Rep. Mike Waltz, who happens to be a Green Beret and Afghan War veteran, spoke with Fox News regarding this new dogma being imposed on Air Force cadets, expressing disappointment over the gendered-language policing as “it’s been a tradition in the military to get letters from mom and dad or your boyfriend and girlfriend for as long as there’s been a military.”

Rep. Waltz expanded on that point, adding, “Now we’re instructing every cadet entering the Air Force to not say ‘mom’ and ‘dad,’ to not say ‘boyfriend’ or ‘girlfriend,’ and this kind of drive towards gender neutrality. I think the Air Force should be worried about the macro aggressions against America that are happening all over the world.”

In the broader diversity & inclusion instructions offered by the Air Force Academy, therein lies a “Cadet Wing Diversity and Inclusion Program [2].” Those who’ve graduated said program are given a purple rope to wear across their left shoulder “symbolizing their position as a diversity representative” which gives them the ability to “advise students on diversity.”

As a ranking member of the House Armed Services Subcommittee on Readiness, Rep. Waltz finds this particularly concerning due to how this practice fractures the chain of command and also mirrors the military practices of our adversaries.

“To those of us who are a little bit older, it reminds us of what the Soviets used to do or what the Chinese do today, where they literally have political commissars inserted at every level end of the chain of command, but they have a separate reporting chain to ensure that the military is abiding by their ideology and their political doctrine.

Not only do they have diversity and equity officers in the cadet chain of command, they wear a special insignia, which is exactly what the political commissars — they would wear an armband in both the Soviet army and now in the Chinese Communist military. I just think there are some really alarming parallels.”

The Republican lawmaker asserted that when Republicans “we are in the majority, we are going to legislate this, and we are going to cut it out of the U.S. military.”