WASHINGTON, DC – According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, the Biden administration is asking Congress to drum up $47.1 billion in emergency funding for the likes of COVID, Monkeypox, and of course – more money for Ukraine.

In order to steer clear of a “partial government shutdown,” as the Wall Street Journal describes it, Congress needs to vote on a spending bill by the end of September.

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What the White House is looking to bleed out of Congress is a sizeable sum consisting of about $22.4 billion for COVID jabs and other related matters, $4.5 billion to fight Monkeypox, and $13.7 billion to go over to helping Ukraine.

As for the remaining $6.5 billion of the $47.1 billion ask from the Biden administration, that would reportedly go to helping various parts of the country to prepare for and recover from natural disasters.

With the Senate having a 50-50 makeup between Republicans and Democrats, at least ten Republicans would have to sign off on this spending package (assuming that all Democrats will fall in line with the agenda of the Biden White House).

When it comes to American tax dollars being shuttled off to Ukraine, the United States has already shelled out over $40 billion to the country – a move that proved to be controversial this past May as some have digested the effort as engaging in a sort of proxy war.

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Additionally, Ukraine’s leader – Volodymyr Zelensky – is hardly the embodiment of a grateful recipient to any form of American support, instead acting more along the lines of an entitled leader who manages to malign American citizens while gladly taking American taxpayers’ money.

As for Monkeypox, it seemingly appears to be one of the easiest ailments of late to avoid catching when taking into consideration the particular population that is most at risk – as the CDC found that roughly 98% of all confirmed cases involve “skin-to-skin contact during sex among gay and bisexual men.”

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For the sake of context, that at-risk population (gay or bisexual men) stands at about 1.7 million people stateside, but $4.5 billion is needed to apparently get more Monkeypox jabs rolled out – which by running the numbers comes to about $2,647 per person at-risk. Not exactly a figure that suggests a lot of fiscal responsibility going on in Washington.

And who could forget about COVID – the ailment that keeps rearing its ugly head whenever there’s some extra room on a budget proposal in Congress. COVID is slowly becoming the next iteration of Mötley Crüe – just when you think its gone for good, here comes another reunion tour that nobody asked for.

But with some new COVID boosters on the horizon (which the latest batch were reportedly only tested on eight lab mice and zero humans), clearly D.C. needs to help their buddies over at Pfizer capitalize while a government shutdown looms.

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