On September 17th, Fox News host Lawrence Jones weighed in on how Democrats are now suddenly feeling the pain of the crisis at the border – and with the recent offloading of migrants to Martha’s Vineyard, Jones delved into the hypocrisy of Democrats who aren’t too thrilled about living up to their pro-illegal alien mantras.

“Democrats are now sounding the alarm about our country’s growing border crisis. But we’re asking ourselves the question, what changed with the situation that finally made the left speak up? Well, nothing – actually, except now the border crisis isn’t some faraway problem they can play off for cheap political points.”

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Jones cut to a montage of liberal politicians such as Muriel Bowser from D.C., where in 2017 she was saying, “I can’t say it any more clearly of what it means to for Washington, DC, to be a sanctuary city,” as well as featuring former New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio claiming in 2019, “We have your back in New York City, we will protect you. We will not ask about your documentation status.”

Clips featuring other elected officials from cities like San Francisco, Chicago, and Los Angeles were also played during the montage, where in years past, they boasted about how their cities provide sanctuary for illegal immigrants – but as Jones highlighted, these sentiments took a swift turn once they actually started getting mildly inconvenienced with fresh arrivals unexpectedly.

“So passionate. So as you can see, liberals spent years bragging about their cities being open for illegals. And now they’re begging the federal government for aid and reinforcement. That’s the same kind of help that the border towns – hell, the entire state of Texas – have been asking for for years. But when Republicans asked for help at the border, they were labeled as racist, xenophobic – they didn’t send the cavalry for the Republicans. Now, this is just the latest example of Democrats ignoring the issue until it finally lands in their own backyard. Just last week, Kamala Harris insisted that the border was secure.”

Jones then segued into Joe Biden’s recent comments regarding illegal immigrants being willingly shuttled to sanctuary city destinations, with Biden angrily speaking about Republicans for merely sending Democrats the undocumented migrants they so passionately spoke about wanting in their cities for years.

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Biden asserted during comments shared on September 15th that, “Republicans are playing politics with human beings, using them as props. What they’re doing is simply wrong. It’s un-American, it’s reckless,” but as Jones pointed out – it’s been Democrats all along using illegal immigrants as political props.

“So the Democrats are playing politics with human life. I mean, this is really cruel what they’re doing. Ignoring the daily crisis at the southern border and pretending that innocent Americans haven’t been suffering from this for years, writing off their concerns just because they don’t vote for Democrats.”

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