While former President Donald Trump has yet to announce whether or not he is running for another term in 2024, the Democrats continue their assault on the Republican, hoping to bury his future in Washington, D.C. With the recent raid of Trump’s property in Florida, the FBI and DOJ have come under intense criticism as some suggested the agencies are nothing more than a weapon of the Biden administration. Now, it appears that the Department of Justice is showing just how unprepared they are when it comes to Trump and the supposed documents he had in his possession.

A recent docket entry accused Donald Trump of acquiring “millions of un-redacted classified tax returns and other sensitive financial data, bank records and accounts of banking and tax transactions of several million Americans and federal government agencies.”

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According to The Washington Examiner, “The document, which was filed on Sept. 12 and remains on the docket as of Monday, appeared to be from the Treasury Department and said the agency had seized sensitive documents related to the Aug. 8 raid at Mar-a-Lago and included a warrant ordering CNN to “preserve leaked tax records.”

The move from the justice department came after the media revealed that the docket was entered by a prison inmate who has an extensive record when it comes to forging documents. The inmate even tricked court staff into believing the document was real.

On Monday, the DOJ motioned, “The United States of America hereby moves to strike Docket Entry 128, which purports to be a motion by the United States Department of the Treasury to Intervene in the instant matter. The United States has confirmed the pleading was not submitted by the Department of the Treasury but rather mailed to the Clerk of Court by someone not associated with the Government.”

Donald Trump isn’t the first victim of the prison inmate. As the Associated Press admitted, “The man has repeatedly impersonated federal officials in court records and has placed tax liens on judges using his false paperwork, two people familiar with the matter told the AP. Because of his history as a forger, his mail is supposed to be subjected to additional scrutiny from the Bureau of Prisons.”

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Online users weren’t all that shocked by the mishap, writing, “Proof of how gullible, complacent, and compliant our courts, enforcement agencies, and media are in pushing the frivolous, irresponsible, irrelevant, and fraudulent accusations, as long as it concerns opposers of liberal lies and corruption.”

Another person added, “This is hilarious. The prison was caught not reviewing outgoing mail or incoming mail. No wonder drugs get into the prison system. I’ll bet this forger will get a job with the FBI when his sentence is complete. Perfect hire for corruption.”

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