WASHINGTON, DC – During a White House press briefing on September 6th, Fox News’ Peter Doocy held Biden administration press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre’s feet to the proverbial fire when bringing up her past comments denying the official results of the 2016 election – considering the Biden administration has shared some harsh sentiments over those who question or deny the 2020 election results.

For those who have a memory that spans beyond the past couple of years, most can recall when it was not only commonplace but rather socially acceptable and at times applauded to assert that Donald Trump had “stolen” the 2016 election.

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In instances when one would proclaim that Trump had “stolen” the 2016 election or that he was somehow an “illegitimate president,” those who’d utter the aforementioned weren’t ostracized from polite society or likened to any sort of political extremist.

Even failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and those in her inner circle peddled claims about voter fraud and the sort in the 2016 election, with CNN reporting back in November of 2016 that “top computer scientists” found evidence of voter fraud “in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania,” and were urging for a forensic audit.

Even in the wake of the violent riots that overtook D.C. on Trump’s inauguration in 2017, such rhetoric of a “stolen election” in 2016 wasn’t condemned. It should also come with little shock that after six rioters were acquitted in relation to the Trump inauguration riots, the Justice Department wound up dropping the charges against all the rioters involved in the 2017 Trump inauguration violence.

But apparently, by January of 2021, Democrats suddenly found the act of protesting/rioting in D.C. due to disdain over election results to be something that is so horrible that even audibly hinting at possible issues with the 2020 election is something akin to being an extremist who poses a threat to democracy.

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Essentially, most who are chemically balanced would observe this shift in Democrats’ perspective on election denialism as being hypocritical – and that’s largely because it is hypocritical.

But this hypocrisy has largely been left unaddressed by the mainstream media until Fox News’ Doocy left outlets with no choice but to face the matter head-on when he called out White House press secretary Jean-Pierre for peddling false “stolen” election claims from 2016.

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In reference to Jean-Pierre’s tweets from 2016 claiming that Trump had stolen the election, Doocy asked the White House press secretary, “So, if we’re all in agreement that it is incorrect to say the 2020 election was stolen, what about the 2016 election?”

Jean-Pierre became defensive over the inquiry, at one point claiming that comparing utterances of the 2016 election being stolen to saying the 2020 election was stolen “is just ridiculous,” and went on to invoke how we shouldn’t be dwelling on 2016 but in the same breath decided to also invoke the 2021 incident at the Capitol.

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