Wendy Dominski is a member of Second Amendment for EVER Inc (SAFE) in Niagara County, NY. SAFE is a 501-(c)(4) organization formed to preserve Second Amendment amendment protections and to educate the public about gun safety. This past weekend, Dominski attended an event to promote awareness among gun owners of two laws recently passed in New York, both of which infringe on Second Amendment protections. The first, Senate Bill S9458, requires a permit to purchase or take possession of a semi-automatic rifle. The second, Senate Bill 9407B, criminalizes the purchase of a body vest.

Dominski met Niagara County sheriff Michael J. Filicetti at the gun owners event. She approached him and asked for an appointment to discuss petitions recently filed in Albany regarding election fraud in New York. She had new information regarding election fraud in Niagara from New York Citizen’s Audit (NYCA), a citizen’s group organized to investigate election integrity in New York state. Filicetti agreed to the meeting, saying, “Call my office to get on my calendar.”

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Dominski dutifully called Filicetti’s office, got on his calendar, and arranged for several NYCA representatives to attend the meeting. NYCA was there to present new evidence of election fraud specific to Niagara County. That meeting was supposed to take place Monday morning at 10:00 am.

Instead, as the participants were en route to the sheriff’s office and after spending $268 to print documents pertaining to Niagara election fraud to give to the Sheriff, the meeting was cancelled.

I spoke with Dominski about the reason for the cancellation. According to her, she was in her car on the way to the meeting when she received a call from Filicetti. He said he’d come into his office that morning and asked his scheduling assistant about the meeting as if he’d forgotten the conversations he’d had with Dominski over the last two days. He said, “I don’t want to waste anyone’s time with this because I participated in the election as a candidate. I can’t investigate this.”

Dominski responded, “We have felonies here, and you’re saying you can’t investigate?”

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The Sheriff’s answer was, “Pretty much.”

If the sheriff of Niagara County cannot investigate election fraud in Niagara County, Dominski wanted to know, who could? “I would recommend you go to the state District Attorney. Of course, he was also involved in the election, so maybe he can’t investigate either.” Dominski persisted, “We’re practically there already. The meeting is supposed to start in ten minutes. We have documents. Why not meet anyway and see what we have?”

“I can’t do anything with this right now and don’t want to waste your time.”

And that was it.

So, what did the good and honorable sheriff miss? According to NYCA, just a few items he might have been interested in if he was “able” to investigate felonies in Niagara County:

  • Nine examples of photographically duplicated signatures in voter roll records identified as “clones” (duplicated records with unique Voter ID numbers)
  • 80 unique State voter ID numbers (SBOEID) assigned to 40 unique names/Date of Birth/Address combinations
  • 11,610 unique SBOEID numbers assigned to 5,878 Name/Date of Birth combinations
  • 869 “blank address” (incomplete) registrations
  • 1,370 SBOEID numbers registered on federal holidays, such as New Year’s Day, Washington’s Birthday, Columbus Day, Labor Day, and MLK Day
  • 19,345  SBOEID numbers registered on weekends
  • 1,584 SBOEID numbers registered to people with birth dates that make them older than the oldest known living American or too young to be eligible to vote
  • 146 people who registered to vote before they were 12 years old (53 before they were born)

All of the items mentioned above violate various laws. For instance, “cloned” records. To clone a record, the following must happen:

  1. An “original record” must be made, likely legitimate and connected to a real voter.
  2. The original record must be cloned by someone with official access (§170.10 forgery in the second degree§190.80 identity theft in the first degree18 U.S. Code §1028A Aggravated Identity Theft, and §17-160 Procuring fraudulent documents in order to vote).
  3. The cloned record(s) must be entered into the voter roll by someone with official access and assigned a unique SBOEID (§17-104 False registration§17-106 Misconduct of election officers).

The other types of suspicious or false registrations mentioned here violate §17-160 (Procuring fraudulent documents in order to vote), §17-104 (False registration), and §17-106 (Misconduct of election officers).

These are problems long before an election happens. Why? Because voter registration fraud facilitates election fraud. The point, however, is that Sheriff Filicetti has plenty to investigate before anyone says a word about a specific election. Registration fraud is a criminal act all by itself. Speaking of which, NYCA claims to have found 4,931 votes attached to some of these registrations. That isn’t enough to change the outcome of Filicetti’s election, which he won by 81,510 votes, so he has no reason to worry.

Who needs to perform the duties of one’s office with a victory margin like that?

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