On Monday, police officers with the Lee County Sheriff’s Office in Florida found themselves in the middle of a heinous crime as a man stabbed his supposed friend over 40 times while they stood inside a convenience store. Grabbing knives, scissors, and anything he could find, the individual, identified as Edmund Clarke, hacked away at the victim, trying to behead him. All caught on surveillance video, the police finally arrived, taking the 36-year-old into custody, but not before the suspect spent several minutes attacking the victim.

As for the victim, apparently, he was the son of an elderly man whom the suspect cared for. The man and son knew each other for nearly a decade with no problems. Before the altercation inside the store, Clarke simply asked the victim to go get something to eat with him. According to a witness, Clarke started to act strange as they approached the store, stating that he was experiencing hallucinations and being targeted by some known source. That happened shortly before Clarke turned on the victim and started to assault him.

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With an investigation still ongoing, Lee County Sheriff’s Office released a statement reading, “On September 19, 2022, deputies responded to a stabbing at The Trading Post at Burnt Store Marina in Punta Gorda. Deputies arrived on the scene and located a victim who had been stabbed more than 40 times in the head, neck, and torso. The victim was airlifted to Gulf Coast Medical Center, where they underwent emergency surgery.”

Giving his own statement, Sheriff Carmine Marceno added, “This disgusting crime will not be tolerated in Lee County. I am proud of the quick response of our deputies that helped save the victim’s life and the hard work of my detectives to take Clarke off the street.”

After being arrested, Clarke was transported to the local jail and is being charged with attempted murder. The victim was taken to a nearby hospital, where he is being treated for wounds to his head, neck, and torso.

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Locals reacted to the news about the stabbing, writing, “I still can’t wrap myself around this senseless, horrific crime. We are in that very store getting subs for our boat regularly. Prayers to the victim as well as the BSM staff who had to witness this and run for their lives.”

Online users noted, “This is a perfect example of why every state should have capital punishment on the books. Excellent work, guys. May God bless and protect you and all our men and women in blue.” Another one added, “Show the prosecutors and jury this video this completely uncalled for unexpected heinous act deserves a lifetime in prison…”

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