WILLOUGHBY, OH – A traffic stop for speeding took an unexpected and violent turn earlier in September when a female officer from the Willoughby Police Department was attacked by the driver of the vehicle she pulled over. Luckily, a Good Samaritan who witnessed the attack quickly intervened, taking down the suspect while others came to the officer’s aid to help subdue the aggressive suspect.

The incident reportedly occurred on September 10th at approximately 4:25 p.m. after Officer Stacee Wright pulled over a driver, identified as 64-year-old David Koubeck, who was allegedly driving 57 mph in a 35 mph zone along Lost Nation Road.

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Dashcam footage captured the traffic stop gone awry, where Officer Wright can be seen approaching Koubeck’s passenger side door to inform him the purpose of the stop.

When Officer Wright asked for the driver to produce his driver’s license and insurance, Koubeck exited the vehicle, which initially alarmed the officer, asking the suspect, “Why are you getting out of the car, sir?” Koubeck immediately approached the rear driver’s side door, explaining to Officer Wright that his driver’s license was located in the backseat of the car.

Upon retrieving his documents from the backseat, Officer Wright instructed Koubeck to step over to the curb – likely to avoid standing near where traffic was actively passing by – which Koubeck did comply with. However, when Officer Wright instructed the driver to “Have a seat on the ground,” Koubeck defiantly replied, “I’m not sitting,” before yelling the same again while jamming his finger in the officer’s face.

Officer Wright appears to gain control of the suspect thereafter, but Koubeck slaps the officer’s arm away from him while beginning to blade his body in a fighting stance. The suspect is then seen on video striking the officer around the upper chest area, yelling, “I’m not sitting, mother fucker!”

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Koubeck begins backing away from the officer while she tells him to place his hands behind his back, yet the suspect continues to defy orders, leading to an eventual scuffle between the suspect and Officer Wright. Despite the suspect’s near-geriatric age, dashcam footage from the incident showed Koubeck using his leverage to, at times, overpower the officer.

While the struggle between the officer and the suspect was in full swing, a Good Samaritan rushed over and grabbed Koubeck from the rear, successfully bringing him down to the ground. Shortly thereafter, several other bystanders came to the officer’s assistance while an additional police unit arrived and was able to get the suspect in cuffs.

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What would’ve amounted to a mere speeding ticket turned into something far more serious for Koubeck, as he has since been charged with assaulting an officer and resisting, in addition to being cited for speeding and not wearing a seatbelt.

Koubeck was originally slated to have his preliminary hearing on September 15th, but the hearing was delayed to September 22nd so that he could undergo an evaluation at a mental health facility.

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