Following the COVID-19 pandemic, the American government moved to protect citizens by instituting mask mandates, lockdowns, and social distancing. While they were meant to keep Americans safe, the restrictions did more to strip citizens of their freedoms than protect them from the coronavirus. And not long after the mandates, the COVID-19 drug was introduced as the miracle the world was waiting for. Without hesitation, both Pfizer and Moderna rolled out their versions of the drug, making billions in profit. As many might have noticed, while pharmaceutical companies make billions, the COVID-19 virus still spreads, and now harmful side effects are being reported from people who took the plunge.

While there have been numerous experts and doctors to come forward, warning about the dangers of the COVID-19 drug, the Biden administration continues to promote it as one of the best ways to stay protected. The White House is even asking for more funding for testing and research. But recently, 400 doctors stepped forward, declaring that the COVID-19 drug was a medical crisis. The hundreds of doctors also demanded that the programs surrounding the supposed vaccine stop immediately.

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On Saturday, the doctors announced their stance, suggesting that the mortality rate increased in those who took the COVID-19 drug. They added that the reverse reactions from the miracle drug are significantly higher than any other vaccine available to the public. This led Dr. Alexandra Henrion-Caude of the French Institute of Health and Medical Research to state, “We declare that there is an international medical crisis due to the diseases and death co-related to the administration of products known as the COVID-19 vaccines.”

Apparently, doctors weren’t the only ones concerned about the drug, as a new report revealed that former President Donald Trump fought with the Food and Drug Administration when it came to getting authorization to use hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19. Known for treating both malaria and lupus, the drug showed promise with COVID-19 as well, but the FDA revoked its emergency clearance, claiming the data showed it to be ineffective against the coronavirus.

House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn discussed the push from the Trump administration as being somehow an assault on public health. “The Select Subcommittee’s findings that Trump White House officials deliberately and repeatedly sought to bend FDA’s scientific work on coronavirus treatments and vaccines to the White House’s political will are yet another example of how the prior Administration prioritized politics over public health. These assaults on our nation’s public health institutions undermined the nation’s coronavirus response.”

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Although condemning Trump and those who sought other treatments, with each passing month, more and more accounts of harmful COVID-19 side effects are being reported to the public. Users didn’t mix words when it came to the COVID-19 hysteria, writing, “Any government official/politician or private industry CEO that made getting COVID shots mandatory for workers & military members needs to be sued and criminally charged.”

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