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Latest Polls Spell Bad News For ‘Beta’ O’Rourke In Texas Gubernatorial Race

According to a report from the Houston Chronicle, things aren’t looking too good for Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Beto O’Rourke in the Lone Star State, as polling data shows that Texans are more concerned about addressing the border [1] rather than going up in arms about restrictions on abortions.

The report references the poll from Siena College and Spectrum News [2] that was released on September 22nd, which sees Republican Governor Greg Abbott hosting a lead of seven points against O’Rourke. Additionally, Republican candidates for Lt. governor and state attorney general are also leading in the polls.

“Less than two months from Election Day, Republican Governor Greg Abbott has a seven-point, 50-43%, lead over Democratic challenger, former Congressman, Beto O’Rourke. In the race for Lieutenant Governor, incumbent Republican Dan Patrick is up by nine points, 49 40%, over Democratic challenger Mike Collier. In the race for state Attorney General, incumbent Republican Ken Paxton has a five-point advantage, 47-42%, over Democratic challenger Rochelle Garza.”

In an unsurprising turn of event, the top two areas where voters in Texas are concerned pertain to inflation/the economy and immigration.

Siena College Research Institute Director Don Levy stated of the polling data, “Economic issues are by far the dominant election issues for all voters. Republicans overwhelmingly put economic issues in the top spot, and say immigration is the second most important issue affecting their vote. Among Democrats the economy is tied with ‘threats to democracy’ and abortion is a close third. Independents say the economy most followed by ‘threats to democracy’ and immigration.”

Another area where the poll covered was the level of support Operation Lone Star has within Texas, which includes the voluntary busing of migrants out of Texas to various sanctuary cities/states – and it looks like a majority of Texans support the practice.

With the gubernatorial election date being less than eight weeks away, this polling data serves as some good news for Republicans in Texas as well as citizens concerned about the crisis along the southern border. As for O’Rourke, this polling data suggests that he’s going to maintain his losing streak in elections.

When it comes to campaigning, O’Rourke’s strategy has seemed to only consist of capitalizing on tragedy. This was his campaigning method during his failed attempt at landing the Democratic primary during the 2020 election, where he capitalized on the 2019 mass shooting [3] in Odessa, Texas.

O’Rourke’s effort to with the gubernatorial race in Texas is much of the same, where he used the tragedy from Uvalde [4] this past May to serve as a means to boost his campaign – largely because hardly anyone cared [5] when he threw his hat in the ring in November of 2021.

But the only time O’Rourke gets a boost in his polling is when he can springboard off a recent tragedy – and his anti-gun rhetoric he clamored about this past May is losing its sheen. Overall, looks like it’s bad news for “Beta.”