YORK COUNTY, PA – A young couple out of York County gave their 53-year-old neighbor a new lease on life this past August after the individual suffered what was coined as a “widow-maker” heart attack on their porch – with the young couple bringing him back to life twice while rendering CPR.

On August 10th, 53-year-old Christopher Favorin was experiencing some chest pains following his workout. What those chest pains turned out to be was a massive heart attack – and time was not on Favorin’s side once the chest pains kicked in.

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Worried that he wouldn’t be able to make it to a hospital in time, Favorin went over to his neighbors’ home, where the neighbors’ doorbell camera caught the moments where he could no longer stand and crumbled to the floor. Meanwhile, Favorin’s fiancée – who the couple were due to wed in a few weeks – came to the neighbors’ door as Favorin was laid out on the ground.

Lucky for Favorin, his neighbor Chris Mowry is a firefighter and medic, whereas Mowry’s wife Rachel is a nurse practitioner – both of whom happened to be home when Favorin collapsed in front of their doorstep.

Chris and Rachel went into rendering CPR compressions, nonstop for 14 minutes. Favorin showed signs of a pulse after the first round of CPR, but then coded two minutes later. The husband and wife team went right back to rendering CPR, saving Favorin’s life again.

Following the second resuscitation, EMTs reportedly arrived on the scene and were able to rush Favorin over to an area hospital.

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Considering Favorin is alive to tell the tale today, the second resuscitation was the charm. While speaking to a local news crew about the experience, Favorin credited God for the miracle his neighbors fostered, saying, “I believe that God put them in my path that day. Without them being there, I know I would not have made it.”

Favorin’s now-wife stated their neighbors’ quick actions that day back in August were nothing short of heroic, saying, “They’re heroes – they’re heroes in my eyes.”

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Just five weeks following the near-fatal heart attack, Favorin tied the knot with his fiancée, where the two heroes who saved his life this past August were aptly seated in the front row of the couples wedding in held in York.

Chris Mowry was particularly touched with being invited to the wedding, saying, “Definitely a special feeling, you know, being able to come here and be with them.” As the couple shared their weddings vows on their special day, the Mowry family got a personal shout from Favorin during the ceremony, telling the young heroes, “Thank you, Chris and Rachel.”

In light of the lifesaving CPR performed, UPMC began offering free CPR courses in September out of Goldsboro, where locals interested in attending the courses can sign up online here.

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