Much like former President Donald Trump, many Republicans have watched as the Democrats hurled numerous accusations and claims against them that carried no weight. Although the allegations are categorically false from the start, the repercussions are still playing out as Trump faces accusations of stealing “classified” documents and working alongside the Russian government. But again, it isn’t just Trump, as Republican Representative Matt Gaetz also found himself at the center of a sex-trafficking investigation that continued to be fueled by the Democrats. But with the investigation in the hands of prosecutors, it appears that the Democrats are once again caught spreading fake news.

The story surrounding Matt Gaetz and the sex-trafficking claims started thanks to school teacher Brian Beute after he ran for local office. According to the Rolling Stones, “The school where he’d worked for 17 years received an anonymous letter falsely accusing him of an improper relationship with a student.” The outlet continued that Gaetz entered the investigation when Seminole County tax collector Joel Greenberg accused him of having relations with the same girl. It should be noted that Greenberg plead guilty to six charges of sex trafficking a minor.

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Still, with the accusations out there, Gaetz received a staggering amount of criticism and backlash. But now, prosecutors announced to the superiors at the Justice Department that they were recommending no criminal charges be brought against the Republican because the two witnesses show a lack of credibility among their stories and claims. Supposedly, Greenberg has evidence linking Gaetz to the underage individual, but the Post wrote, “…prosecutors had been exploring whether Greenberg paid women to have sex with Gaetz and whether the two shared sexual partners, including the 17-year-old girl at issue in Greenberg’s case, these people said.”

With Matt Gaetz continuing to campaign and visit schools, hoping to educate the youth about voting, his spokesperson admitted, “Congressman Gaetz has been met by supportive crowds in the hundreds this past week. Not a single person has accused Congressman Gaetz of wrongdoing. The same could not be said for Joe Biden. A handful of sour Woketopians clinging to debunked lies won’t stop Congressman Gaetz from promoting military academy service to Northwest Florida families.”

On the other side of the aisle, Democrat state representative Fentrice Driskell suggested, “There’s no good reason to allow this man near kids… He’s a one-man circus show. So you think about this Academy Night, where we’re trying to recruit young students to serve our nation and to uphold our nation’s ideals and the highest possible ethical standard. This is not the example that we want to set for them.”

The Democrat concluded, “If you would not allow even a parent of a student who had these allegations to come and volunteer at the school, there should not be a special exception made for the likes of Matt Gaetz, especially with the particular allegations that he’s being scrutinized for.”

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