Not looking at the decades Joe Biden spent in Washington, D.C., the Democrat has a mountain of disasters following him as he heads into his third year in the White House. In just the first two years, Biden struggled with the Southern border, inflation, Russia, Afghanistan, the economy, and supply chain issues. Not to mention his son, Hunter Biden, who gave a personal look into what it means to be a Biden.

Nonetheless, while Biden harps on the alleged dangers of Republicans, it appears that he completely forgot about the baby formula shortage that took over headlines just a few short months ago. And while the mainstream media doesn’t report on it much, one parent recently spoke with Fox News about the ongoing crisis, babies going hungry, and the lengths parents have to go to just to feed their children.

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In the video, which is featured below, one mother barely controlled her sadness as she explained going to the store to find either empty shelves or the price of formula so high that she can’t even afford it.

The baby formula shortage that is still ongoing caught the eye of CNET, which wrote an article about what parents are having to do to feed their children. There have been reports about hoarding formula, rationing it, and some decided to split the recommended amount. In May, Dr. Steven Abelowitz said, “If you can’t find your formula, call your pediatrician to see if they have any in stock. Pediatricians often get samples of different formulas and may be able to help out. Doctors also may have samples left over from formula representatives.”

With Joe Biden worried about the 2022 midterm elections, parents trying to feed the future are now being advised to ask doctors for samples. It should be noted samples are just that and don’t last long.

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Parents filled the comment section, writing, “The attack on children, from infant to teenager, by this fraudulent evil administration is unprecedented in U.S. history. Families can’t find formula for their babies, yet we can send the corrupt Ukrainian dictator over $50 billion U.S. taxpayer dollars. They inundate our kids with sexual depravity and perversion via our public school systems. They allow an invasion on our southern border that promotes the dissemination of fentanyl, all the while enriching the Mexican cartels and the CCP. They indoctrinate our kids with demonic lies about the founding of our country. If the Marxist globalist democrats are not defeated this November, the experiment in the greatest country God ever ordained is over. God may very well say ‘it’s time.'”

Another parent warned, “Hate to say this, but they’re just trying to get ahead of the curve. In their sick twisted minds, what do you need baby formula for when you’re pushing abortion on demand..”

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