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National Guard Called In To Remove Fifty Poor Brown People From Mega White Elitist Island

MARTHA’S VINEYARD, MA – According to reports, Massachusetts activated the National Guard [1] to respond to the “crisis” of approximately 50 migrants who cropped up at Martha’s Vineyard earlier in September after they’d agreed to be transported to the area via travel arrangements made possible by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

According to a September 16th press release [2] from Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker, the governor activated 125 members of the National Guard as well as enlisting assistance from the state’s emergency management system to address “the approximately 50 migrants” who arrived at Martha’s Vineyard.

“Today, the Baker-Polito Administration announced new shelter and humanitarian supports at Joint Base Cape Cod (JBCC) for the approximately 50 migrants who arrived in Martha’s Vineyard this week. The Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) is coordinating efforts among state and local officials to ensure access to food, shelter, and essential services for these men, women, and children. Governor Charlie Baker also plans to activate up to 125 members of the Massachusetts National Guard as part of this relief effort.”

The migrants reportedly arrived at Martha’s Vineyard on September 14th, which spurred outrage from liberals and progressives who’ve over the years ironically espoused their adoration of undocumented migrants and boasted about how they’re welcome in their cities and states – all while doing so from the comfort of states not situated along the southern border.

Yet, when approximately 50 migrants arrive at the doorstep of an ostensible liberal haven like Martha’s Vineyard, officials suddenly assert that “the island communities are not equipped to provide sustainable accommodation” to such undocumented migrants.

Such a development can be attributed to a form of what’s known as the NIMBY phenomenon, or ‘Not in My Backyard,’ where ideologues who profess a dogma about how undocumented migrants should be welcomed suddenly find the practice problematic when the spoils of their ideals show up in their proverbial backyard.

A similar NIMBY phenomenon was commonplace during the defund the police era, where advocates and officials who pushed for police defunding wound up spending big money on private security [3].

While officials in Massachusetts claim that the unexpected arrival of 50 migrants in Martha’s Vineyard is some kind of crisis, states along the southern border are getting swarmed with an average of nearly 200,000 migrants per month [4] during Customs and Border Protection’s 2022 fiscal year – translating to a daily figure averaging out to over 6,400.

But the mere arrival of roughly 0.78% of migrants compared to the daily average of entries without inspection arriving in border states has sent officials in Massachusetts scrambling, apparently not appreciating the demand to enter the United States illegally that was fomented by the very liberals who are currently outraged in tandem.

Pundits on the left [5] have gone as far as to accuse Governor DeSantis of “human trafficking” for arranging the outgoing flights for migrants, all the while ignoring how the Biden administration had dozens of plane loads of migrants flown to Florida [6] in the span of a few months in 2021.