On September 18th, New York City Mayor Eric Adams appeared on Jake Tapper’s program on CNN, where the visibly frustrated mayor complained about being on the receiving end of a handful of buses consisting of undocumented migrants – despite New York City being a self-appointed sanctuary city.

In the wake of Republican Governors Greg Abbott and Ron DeSantis sharing some of the wealth of undocumented migrants with cities and states that are purportedly sanctuary cities, liberal politicians and pundits have become hysterical over leftist havens finally getting that proverbial check cashed.

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For years, a staple talking point among leftist politicians and activists have pertained to the welcoming of illegal immigrants in the United States – with uttered slogans like ‘no human is illegal’ and policies restricting local law enforcement from cooperating with ICE being among the tactics employed by said leftist politicians.

But the employment of these slogans and policies have always been done for the safety and security of states far removed from the actual U.S./Mexico border, thereby making such slogans and policies ones without much of an adverse impact on said states and cities.

Yet the invocation of these pro-illegal immigrant slogans and policies ostensibly do manifest a real-world impact on the states along the southern border, with the Biden administration’s parroting of these same sentiments making the matter all the worse.

Thus, this led to the likes of Florida and Texas governors helping arrange travel to what one might call the Promised Land for undocumented immigrants: a free trip to those looking to shack up at a sanctuary city.

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Governor Abbott has been more than generous to New York City in this regard, which has Mayor Adams in the Big Apple upset at the fact he’s getting the very cultural enrichment he campaigned on.

During the September 18th interview with Mayor Adams on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Tapper asked the New York City mayor what exactly he needs from the Biden administration to address the comparatively small number of migrants his state is seeing when stacked against any other state along the southern border.

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“So more than 11,000 asylum seekers have passed through New York shelter systems since May, including roughly 2,500 bused to New York from Texas. You have warned that New York is, ‘Nearing its breaking point,’ and you’ve talked about maybe bringing cruise ships to temporarily shelter these migrants. What help do you need from President Biden and the federal government right now that you aren’t already getting? And how much longer can New York continue without more resources?”

Mayor Adams proclaimed in response that what is currently transpiring is a “humanitarian crisis” in his state, squarely blaming the illegal immigrant presence in New York as being created by the Florida and Texas governors.

“Well, we should be clear that this is, as I stated, a humanitarian crisis committed by human hands. And it is an all-hands-on-deck moment where we’re all supposed to come together and coordinate. Coordination during a crisis is something that we must do together, and that’s the federal government, that is also the governor of the state of Texas, as well as the governor in the state of Florida. We should not be really treating other cities and municipalities in a manner that we’re witnessing now.”

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