As Americans gathered around their televisions on Sunday to support their favorite football team, the White House watched as Joe Biden gave an interview on 60 Minutes. With voters knowing his past when it comes to speeches, many waited anxiously to see what Joe Biden had to say about topics like COVID-19, Ukraine, and the growing tensions between China and Taiwan.

Not all that surprisingly, Biden didn’t wait long before making some rather bold statements. One of the first key moments came when he declared that the COVID-19 pandemic was over. The Democrat announced the end of the pandemic as he walked through the Detroit Auto Show that closed due to COVID-19. With White House officials scrambling to spin Biden’s words to fit the narrative, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson discussed the claims with Republican Representative Thomas Massie.

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In the video, which can be watched below, Tucker Carlson discussed Joe Biden’s claims about the COVID-19 pandemic being over as his administration continues to ask for more funding surrounding the coronavirus. Representative Massie had a different take, admitting, “Look, we’ve been living under a form of martial law for about two and a half years now. All of the powers that the President has claimed to himself that emanated or were predicated on the COVID virus, those need to go away today. When I saw him say that yesterday, I suggested that the public health emergency should go away, that all the governors that have these executive powers should go away, the vaccine mandates need to go away if the pandemic is over. And finally, one of the most onerous things is the PREP act. This basically is what I call medical malpractice, martial law.”

Diving deeper into the PREP Act and the power behind it, Thomas Massie added, “It supersedes all state law, all federal law. And it says unless somebody with intent kills you, you know, with one of their PCR tests or with the treatment or with a vaccine, you have no legal recourse unless they meant to hurt you. It’s ridiculous, and this needs to go away.”

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And with the dangers of the COVID-19 drug still unknown, the Republican warned that the PREP Act “doesn’t just cover vaccines, it covers everything. It covers the treatments, the vaccines, and the tests and anybody giving them. I have a mom who took her two kids to get a flu shot last year; they accidentally gave them the adult dose of the COVID vaccine. Again, they say oh, PREP Act. You can’t sue us.”

Known for being brutally honest, Representative Thomas Massie ended his statement, noting, “I’m gonna commit candor here on TV, which is a crime in DC. This actually started under President Trump. The PREP Act was a declaration by his health and human services secretary.”

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