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SNL Show Boasts Hiring Of ‘Nonbinary’ Cast Member, No Word On Hiring Actually Funny People [VIDEO]

According to reports, the long-running sketch comedy show “Saturday Night Live” is boasting about their recent onboarding of a purportedly “nonbinary” cast member [1], which refers to an individual who ardently works to convince themselves and others that they’re neither male nor female.

Come October 1st, “Saturday Night Live” will premiere its 48th season, which among the newcomers slated to make their break on the show is a biological woman named Molly Kearney, who reportedly “uses gender-neutral pronouns,” according to a report from The Hill.

For the sake of clarity, gender-neutral pronouns usually consist of the ‘they/them’ shenanigans (although some folks in the nonbinary camp employ goofy, nonsensical pronouns like ‘ze/zir’).

But the real question is, is this Kearney character any funny at all? Well, based upon her previous standup comedy efforts, her jokes seem to spur about as much laughter as a tragic car accident.

For reasons beyond comprehension, Kearney was featured in a Comedy Central standup comedy showcase, with Comedy Central uploading portions of her performance online back in 2020. Here’s a bit of a highlight reel from said 2020 standup bit (as well as a sampling of some of the comments the original upload garnered in response).

In all honesty, such a standup comedy performance commands the return of those big canes they used to used to pull people off stage with – because it seems like Kearney’s only jokes are bad-sounding Chris Farley impressions and making a double chin.

But this is par for the course for “Saturday Night Live” in modern times, as the once-funny show has been going down the toilet in terms of actually being funny. It’s hard to exactly pinpoint where/when SNL went down the crapper, but for roughly the past 15-20 years, it has become harder and harder to find mildly amusing skits throughout an entire season of the show.

While ratings data purports [2] that SNL can still snag a few million viewers per episode, one would likely struggle to encounter a person in real life who actually still watches the program. Frankly, I’d bet those few million viewers SNL gets are mostly people who fell asleep in front of their TV.

Yet, SNL is seemingly trying to cash in on identity politics with their latest cast member joining the lackluster sketch comedy troupe, going all-in on attempting to allure the ‘they/them’ crowd to stay up and watch completely unfunny skits performed by unfunny people.

The show has become the epitome of woke comedy – meaning it’s not funny. Among the biggest issues regarding why woke comedy isn’t funny is because modern practitioners are more concerned about not offending anyone and boosting social justice initiatives rather than doing or saying anything funny or clever.

Woke comedy cares more about stuff like ‘speaking truth to power’ or not saying anything that can be perceived as remotely critical of ‘marginalized communities,’ which turns these woke comedy spectacles into something about as amusing as a liberal college thesis.