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‘This Is Accelerating’: Suddenly, People in Their 30s and 40s Are Starting to Have Serious Health Issues [VIDEO]

“Anecdotes lead to a thesis, and then you start analyzing data,” said Ed Dowd [1] in an interview with Greg Hunter [2]. And unfortunately, the anecdotes are going to likely lead to a grim realization. What is that realization? Well, you can decide for yourself after listening to a small sample size of anecdotes just from Ed Dowd’s inner circle.

So what’s happening in the month of August and September for me personally? I have a bunch of friends who are younger than me — I’m 55 — in their 30s and 40s, who took this stuff. And they’re starting to have lots of serious issues in their 30s and 40s.

Anecdote # 1

I know one person who recently found out that they had a beats per minute of 30 and were told to see a cardiologist immediately. This is a 30-year-old person. And then they went to the beach on Sunday, and an ambulance had to get called to the beach. Okay, this is serious stuff. 30-year-old: very fit, very healthy.

Anecdote # 2

I have another friend, who it’s been reported to me, works for the government. He was forced to be jabbed. He’s now claiming, after being a big proponent of these things, that he’s got “COVID heart,” and he doesn’t think it’s long COVID; he thinks it’s the vaccine.

Anecdotes #3 – 6

I [know] four other individuals, who used to not have heart problems, and now have heart-racing issues.

Ed ends on this note.

So this is accelerating, right now, anecdotally for me, and I’m not happy about it. And I’m figuring if I [witness] six people in my friend group that this is happening to, the numbers are going to be horrendous once I get the data going [forward].

Ed is a smart guy, and unfortunately, I think he’s probably right. For more insight from his perspective, follow the link below for the entire interview.

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