While the Democrats and their liberal supporters battle the wave of supposed racism sweeping the nation, they harp on the advantages given to white people throughout the history of America. The idea of white privilege has only expanded thanks to the liberal left targeting the group of people they often label colonizers. Although the left might act like they want a united country, Tucker Carlson recently detailed how the Biden administration is supporting a housing building near UC Berkeley as they ban white people from common areas. 

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Giving the details on Fox News, Tucker Carlson revealed that while segregation is illegal, it has made a comeback thanks to the liberal left. In the video below, he stated, “So a housing co-op near UC Berkeley called the Person of Color Theme House is now banning whites from common areas unless they have consent from tenants. Quote, ‘many people of color moved here to be able to avoid white violence and presence. So respect their decision of avoidance if you bring white guests’, says the rule. In other words, white people are so repulsive, immoral, physically disgusting that their mere presence is intolerable, and they’re banned. Well, this is intolerable. No decent country can stand by as this happens. It’s an offense against all of our consciences. So how should decent people respond?”

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Both shocked and appalled, like many Americans, Tucker Carlson offered some advice for students turned away. “The students who’ve been banned from this house and other people should occupy it. Show up, sit down, and politely, non-violently, ask to be served, and do not leave until the people in charge renounce their racism and allow you to stay. You could call this a sit-in. Now, students from the Biden administration might show up with dogs and fire hoses to put it down. But in the end, we are confident nonviolent civil disobedience will stir the conscience of America and prevail. The right side always wins.”

Sadly, given the leadership of the Biden administration, this isn’t the only example of white people being punished for the color of their skin. As Tucker Carlson revealed, “The Biden administration supports Bank of America as they launched a program that provides zero downpayment and closing costs for mortgages for people who live in black and Hispanic neighborhoods.” He added, “Racially exclusive loans are illegal and immoral. And we should, at the very least, be saying something about it. Because we went through this before, and we shouldn’t have to go through it again. It was wrong then, and it’s every bit wrong now.”

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Although surprising, given the 2022 midterms and upcoming presidential election, the Democrats will support anything to stay in power.  

This piece was written by Jeremy Porter on September 9, 2022. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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