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Utah Grandmother Delivers ‘Gangsta’ Rap Campaign Ad On Her Run For State Senate [VIDEO]

Not just in 2022, but each time an election approaches, both Democrats and Republicans spend a great deal of time campaigning. They give speeches, meet with locals, and even release ads targeting their opponents. But every once in a while, a candidate creates something truly special. And this time, it happened to come thanks to the creative mind of Republican Linda Paulson, who is running in the District 12 Senate race in Utah. Unlike those before her, the 80-year-old decided to announce her run, not with a generic speech or video. She decided to drop what appeared to be a song from her new rap album.

In the video, which is featured below, Linda Paulson, fashioned in patriotic colors, thought the best way to reach voters was to rap her beliefs, history, and stance on why they should vote for her. Take a look.

Besides dropping hot beats, Linda Paulson’s website gives more details about the Republican, reading, “My husband and I have lived in Taylorsville 50 years. We are the parents of five girls and four boys, plus 35 grandchildren and 14 greats! I care about our children and will challenge philosophies such as biological boys competing in Girls’ sports and CRT. Our Constitution is relevant today! It was instituted to be the law of the land and help all Americans to be free! Too much government; too many mandates and high taxes is bondage.”

The candidate added, “At my first Fourth of July parade, my father said, ‘Stand and cover your heart when the flag passes by. It’s your patriotic duty!’ I love my country and have been politically involved behind the scenes, and have served all my life. I believe to be an American is a blessing and a responsibility. We need a Choice. I’m willing to face hard questions of what you and I value and be your voice in District 12. I hope you will give me your vote!”

It didn’t take long for the video to circulate online, as many users commented on Linda Paulson’s style and rap ability. While Paulson drew attention to the GOP, Joe Biden is currently in the U.K., preparing for the funeral of the queen. He recently decided to celebrate the Biden administration for the Inflation Reduction Act, trying to display the Democrats are strong and competent moving into the 2022 midterms. But with many Americans still struggling, his celebration came with a great deal of backlash.

The senior economic adviser to the Biden administration, Gene Sperling, recently faced that backlash, suggesting, [1] “This has been a tough few years for the U.S. and the global economy. We’ve been through COVID, we’ve been through the variants, we’ve been through global inflation, we’ve been through the energy impacts of this war in Ukraine. So there is no question there has been uncertainty. There has been in this economy, and there have been both strong elements like job growth, like lower unemployment, and there have been tough things like the higher food prices that families still face.”

Gene Sperling concluded, “The celebration at the White House–was it not about that, that we had solved inflation? Of course not. Yes, you’ve had two months when it’s been flat. Yes. It’s headline inflation’s comedown. Yes. The PPI, the producer price index, came down again, but it is still way too high.”