While the United States military has become increasingly and concerningly “woke” in the past several decades, causing the once-greatest military in the world to be less scary than a pincher bug to our enemies, mandates and restrictions in the name of “health” continue.

One branch, however, has recently (and quietly) dropped at least some of its harsh restrictions, although that was due to a court order and not out of the goodness of their flak vests. Following a two-month legal battle, the US Marines was forced to drop some restrictions on members seeking religious exemption from the Covid shot.

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According to a September 14 order titled “Interim Guidance Regarding Marines Requesting Religious Accommodation From Covid-19 Vaccination Requirements,” Marines are now free to exercise their First Amendment religious rights without interference from their employer. The order stated, in part, “Marine Corps will not enforce any order to accept COVID-19 vaccination, administratively separate, or retaliate against Marines in the class for asserting statutory rights under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.”

This comes after the August 19 class wide injunction ordered by a judge in the US District Court of Florida for the Marine Corps that said the Corp could not force service members to get the shot.

While it’s disturbing that it took a court order to allow these service members the right to exercise their own bodily autonomy and health freedom, it also begs the question: What about those who were forced to take the shot against their religious freedom just to continue serving their country?

One would think the back pedaling would be grounds for a class action lawsuit against the Corps and the Biden administration for their illegal mandates. However, the Liberty Counsel, who took on the case for the servicemembers, told Red Voice Media that there are no plans for that type of lawsuit at this time. “Our goal was to allow members to keep their jobs while being unvaccinated,” the Counsel told us. “Those members didn’t lose their jobs.”

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“[N]o orders will be given to receive the vaccine, no counselings [sic] will be issued for refusing the vaccine, no administrative separation boards will be conducted,” the order said, adding that there would also be no discharges issued.

Meanwhile, according to Wisconsin Representative Mike Gallagher, who spoke on the matter in July to Politico, “We are on the cusp of a military recruiting crisis. When Republicans take control of Congress in a few months, averting the recruiting crisis will be a top priority of the Military Personnel Subcommittee.”

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However, in the Air Force, who are still fighting their own legal battle, the court order apparently means nothing to leaders in that branch, as servicemembers are being grounded for shot refusal.

Despite an order similar to the one mentioned above for the Air Force out of Ohio, former Space Force Lieutenant Matt Lohmeier recently said, “Our senior defense officials seem uninterested in abiding by law. We’ve got over 700 pilots potentially on the chopping block right now for their refusal to take the shot.”

He added, “At a time of great power competition, potentially with China and Russia [it’s] not the time to be tampering with our readiness.”

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