When do the cells stop making spike protein? “The answer is no one knows because no one’s done the study,” said board-certified clinical and anatomic pathologist Ryan Cole as he was being interviewed by Steve Kirsch.

But we do know that a study by Dr. Bansal in the Journal of Immunology showed circulating spike in exosomes up to four months after inoculation. Therefore, one would presume that the sequence is still present and making that spike.

But how can we be sure it’s because of the shot?

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Well, the COVID injection only makes antibodies to spike, whereas the natural infection produces antibodies to both spike and the nucleocapsid. So when you find spike without the presence of the nucleocapsid in weird places like the brain and the heart, you can safely assume it’s because of the jab.

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And what Dr. Cole is finding in his autopsies is the presence of spike with no nucleocapsid (vaccine-induced).

There’s spike protein in [the] heart; there’s spike protein in [the] brain. There’s spike protein in the liver, but there’s no nucleocapsid. And these were deaths proximate to, in most of these patients, their second shot.

But what a lot of people don’t know is that the actual peak of death is around five months out, commented Steve Kirsch.

“Correct,” replied Dr. Cole.

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It’s an aggregate of multiple mechanisms: activation of other viruses, spike causing clotting, mitochondrial fatigue. And I would suppose in all of those mechanisms — there’s multiple more. You saw my talk this weekend; [there’s] about anywhere from 12 to 20 mechanisms, but the compounding of those mechanisms over time are obviously causing chronic disease.

A great example of this is Dr. Malhotra in the United Kingdom, cardiologist, prominent cardiologist; his dad was healthy, well, had a good cardiac exam. After his second shot, about six months later, his dad passed away. He had severe coronary disease.

So all these little mechanisms – the spike causes inflammation in the vessels. That’s the primary route. Every organ in your body has vessels in it. So if you’re causing chronic inflammation in the vessels, you’re causing a chronic disease that eventually can lead to failure, in his case, severe atherosclerosis that he didn’t have prior.

So that’s the question — all these mechanisms. Instead of like a wildfire, where we see people pass away quickly from probably anaphylaxis from polyethylene glycol — in these patients, we’re seeing more of a smoldering wildfire until the burden of disease and the burden of inflammation finally adds up to incompatibility with life.

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And thus, you get these nearly undetectable vaccine-induced deaths that are very hard to point the finger at the jab. And that’s why they don’t want to do autopsies… because that is where the evidence lies, so long as they do the proper staining techniques.

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And for the full interview with Dr. Ryan Cole, you can watch in here in the embedded video below.

Ryan Cole is the only pathologist in the US willing to test for the vaccine “fingerprints”

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