With the Biden administration continuing to criticize Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, the United States and even Europe have run into an interesting problem – they are running out of guns to send. That’s right, according to a professor at the U.S. National Defense University, Des Roches, in a few months, America won’t be able to fund Ukraine’s growing needs. “I’m greatly concerned. Unless we have new production, which takes months to ramp up, we’re not going to have the ability to supply the Ukrainians.” Add that with Putin’s recent annexation of the Donbass Republics, and it seems the war is not slowing down any time soon.

Trying to decipher everything that has been going on in Ukraine and Europe over the last few weeks, Darren Beattie, an investigative reporter, spoke with Steve Bannon on The War Room. He signaled to a great shift in the world when Putin declared the Donbass Republic under the rule of the Russian Federation. Not to mention the recent destruction of the Nord Stream pipelines. He said it was a “giant leap toward Armageddon,” adding, “The Europeans all quietly understand that this is likely at the hands of the NATO allies itself. That’s why they’re being good little vassal states and not making a lot of noise about it.”

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Having no evidence to defend his claims, Darren Beattie suggested that a person only has to look at who benefits from the disaster. “The United States or NATO-aligned proxies. I’m not saying it was the Navy directly that did it. But I’d say it’s a reasonable inference given the motivation, given who benefits, and given the reaction to the sabotage by European countries themselves, including by a Polish political official who apparently was so excited and didn’t get the memo that he took to Twitter immediately to thank the United States.”

Continuing to present interesting observations when the Nord Stream pipeline ruptured, Darren Beattie again focused on the reactions. “if you look at the reactions … you don’t see the types of reactions that any reasonable sovereign state would have to an attack on their infrastructure of that magnitude, because they’re in this awkward position of knowing that it comes from the US or NATO proxies. Their only option is really to put their tail between their legs, keep their heads down, and shut up about it, which is more or less what they’ve been doing.”

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Darren Beattie saved the best for last when he declared Europe to be nothing more than a slave state. “Europe is a vassal state. Europe is a slave state of the United States. Putin, in his speech, basically tried to shame them for doing that. The only problem is the Germans have no shame; they have no pride, they have no underlying sense that they deserve to be a sovereign nation. And that’s why they’re going to stick their tail between their legs and pretend like nothing happened.”

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