SURREY, ENGLAND – A 48-year-old U.K.-based mother of five was arrested earlier in October for allegedly posting memes/messages to an online forum that were deemed “transphobic,” despite zero evidence supporting the claims outside of a “third party” who told police this woman was the owner of the online accounts responsible for the memes/messages.

The arrest of this woman is connected to a broader legal conundrum she’s been plagued with from a serial litigious biological male who self-identifies as being transgender.

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We at Red Voice Media had an opportunity to speak with this woman caught in the middle of this dilemma, where she shared her take on the overall matter, her arrest, and how this has impacted her family.

On October 3rd, Caroline Farrow was arrested at her home under charges alleging she has been harassing online a biological male born as Anthony Halliday, who changed his name to Stephanie Rebecca Hayden in 2018.

Hayden is reportedly a notorious serial litigator who uses the U.K. courts to target those critical of transgenderism, where he often claims to be harassed due to him presenting himself as though he were female. Farrow is quite familiar with Hayden, as the mother of five has been dealing with court filings and accusations of harassment from the delusional male for years now.

But having Surrey Police come barging into Farrow’s home and placing her into cuffs over this radical transgender activist’s assertions is new territory, with Farrow saying the episode has left her family “traumatized.”

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“My family are in deep shock and traumatized, especially the children who witnessed the arrest. The activist has previously visited my house and his supporters are now threatening to come and picket my husband’s church. We are all hyper-vigilant and frightened to answer the door.”

According to Farrow, the reasoning behind her arrest consisted of essentially two elements: one being a “long-running Twitter spat” pertaining to Hayden, and the second being “a long-running thread on Kiwi Farms about the complainant. The offensive posts are written about the complainant,” which a purported anonymous third party claimed Farrow had posted to the forum under a pseudonym.

When asked about the description of the online posts attributed to her, Farrow stated, “One is just photoshopped pictures & memes like with the complainant’s face photoshopped into a photo of the Queen. Another is a meme about the Holocaust. Distasteful, but not something I would ever contemplate posting and I don’t have the tech skills to create.”

Not only is Farrow lacking the image editing skills to produce such memes, but she also claims that the Kiwi Farms accounts (one being “RealMuthaForYa” and the other “Kit Kat”) who posted these memes don’t even belong to her.

In Farrow’s mind, she thinks the idea of Hayden latching onto the notion she’s behind these anonymous online accounts is preposterous, saying, “The complainant is so paranoid, he cannot believe that he is so widely loathed. He believes that I must somehow be linked to every account that appears sympathetic towards me.”

Farrow says police “had absolutely no evidence whatsoever” that these postings to Kiwi Farms were from her, emphasizing that point with “they couldn’t have had – it wasn’t me.” Furthermore, Farrow pointed to a civil case in 2020 where Hayden had accused several others of utilizing the Kiwi Farms username “RealMuthaForYa.”

“The activist knew it couldn’t be me, but according to his interview with VICE magazine, [he] said it was a third party who reported me. In other words, one of his flying monkeys.”

The Vice interview Farrow is referring to is an October 6th article detailing her arrest, where the outlet spoke directly with Hayden and bore the claim that the Kiwi Farms postings were reported to police “by a third party.”

Considering that Hayden has previously attributed the “RealMuthaForYa” Kiwi Farms account as allegedly being operated by others in years past (meaning he’s personally familiar with it), it wouldn’t be farfetched to draw the conclusion that Hayden got one of his buddies/associates to file the police report so as to bolster his ongoing legal proceedings against Farrow.

As a result of the nature of the allegations brought forth against Farrow, she says all her “tech was seized in order to prove/disprove I was [operating] these accounts in the absence of any other evidence.”

Aside from the Kiwi Farms postings, there are the Twitter postings referenced in the complaint against Farrow, which she described as, “a long-running Twitter spat which has seen [Hayden] issue 3 civil lawsuits now. He reported me to the police, I believe, to boost his civil claim. I am the third mother he has had arrested on bogus harassment and malicious communications charges.”

Farrow has posted on Twitter in the past about her and others’ dealings with Hayden, which the serial litigator is trying to present as being harassing, but a cursory review of these online postings generally live in the realm of harmless opinions relating to a matter of public interest due to Hayden having frequently used the courts to target critics of him or the transgender ideology.

Since it could be some time before the criminal and civil court matters are done and over with considering Hayden’s well-documented history of abusing the courts, Farrow’s legal fees are understandably accruing. For those interested in helping this mother of five ward off the abuse coming from Hayden and the ilk, they can donate to the legal fundraiser hosted by CitizenGo.

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